The Fennec car from Rocket League.

Rocket League: How to Get the Fennec

It's unfortunate that getting this vehicle can be so tricky.

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Key Takeaway

You can either get the Fennec vehicle by obtaining its blueprint via Drops, or in-game trading, or you can get it by trading with other players online. You can also buy it from the in-game shop—but it won’t always be available.

The Fennec is one of the many vehicles you can use in Rocket League. It has an Octane hitbox which is one of the most balanced and popular hitboxes in the game. It’s great for all-around play and the Fennec is a stylish option for those who prefer this hitbox.

Table Of Contents

    Every Way to Get the Fennec

    There are multiple ways to get the Fennec vehicle. Unfortunately, none of them are very straightforward and all of them involve spending real-world money on credits. There are processes that can get you this vehicle quickly, but some of them take time—even when you have credits to spare.

    Get the Fennec Blueprint Through Drops

    Getting a Rare Drop in Rocket League.

    One way to receive the Fennec vehicle is to receive its blueprint. One way to receive blueprints is through Drops. You receive drops by:

    • Completing challenges
    • Winning matches
    • Rocket Pass rewards
    • Playing in Tournaments

    When you do receive a drop, it’s very rare to receive this coveted vehicle’s blueprint. A new item drop has to be categorized as Very Rare for you to even have a slight chance of earning the blueprint for the Fennec.

    If you do get the blueprint, you’ll need to spend about 500 to 800 Credits to craft the Fennec vehicle.

    In-Game Trading

    Trading in Rocket League.

    Another way to receive the Fennec blueprint is through the in-game Trade-In system. The Fennec blueprint is an Import item, which means you’ll have to trade five Very Rare items for it. This is a great option if you have a ton of items to spare, but, then again, it’s still not a clear-cut way to receive the item.

    Trade With Other Players

    Another way to receive the Fennec is to find someone who has it and is willing to give it to you. This can be the best and least costly way to receive the vehicle, but that’s if the person is willing to trade and you have something of equal value to trade as well.

    Purchase From In-Game Shop

    Finally, you can also purchase the vehicle from the in-game shop with credits. However, the vehicle may not always be available for sale. Be sure to check the shop frequently to see if the Fennec is up for grabs.

    The Item Shop from Rocket League.

    Given that Fennec is one of the best cars in Rocket League, it’s understandable why the car is so sought after. If this is a vehicle you really want, keep doing the processes listed above and you may just be lucky enough to receive this Octane-type vehicle.

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