The ritual for becoming a Werewolf in Skyrim.

Skyrim: How to Become a Werewolf

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If you’ve fantasized about shredding through your enemies with your bare hands, Skyrim might be for you. Discover how to become a Werewolf and take advantage of the boosts and perks that come with it.

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    Advantages of Becoming a Werewolf

    The player as a Werewolf.

    As with becoming a Vampire, becoming a Werewolf in Skyrim has its advantages and disadvantages. However, unlike the Vampire Lord path, the Werewolf path is significantly less complicated. Note that if you want to take full advantage of this route, you’ll want to pick up Hircine’s Ring. With this ring, you can transform an unlimited number of times each day. You can obtain Hircine’s Ring by doing the Ill Met by Moonlight quest.

    The following are some of the reasons you might choose to become a Werewolf in Skyrim:

    • Gain 100% resistance to disease (note: this includes Vampirism, so you will be cured of Vampirism if you become a Werewolf)
    • Gain Beast Form
    • Gain Werewolf skill tree/perks
    • Increase of base carry weight by 1,900
    • Stamina is boosted by 100 points, Health is boosted by 50 points

    Werewolf Perks

    This is the Werewolf skill tree.

    As with the Vampire Lord perks that accompanied the Dawnguard DLC, Werewolves also have their own skill tree. There are numerous perks you can unlock through consuming the hearts of humanoid corpses for usable points. The following are all eight perks you can unlock within the Werewolf skill tree:

    • Bestial Strength: Up to 100% damage increase as a Werewolf (you can upgrade this four times)
    • Totem of Ice Brothers: Calls Ice Wolves to fight for you
    • Totem of the Moon: Calls Werewolves to fight for you
    • Totem of the Predator: Werewolf Totem of Hunt howl has extended range and shows whether the targets are not in combat, searching, or actively in combat
    • Totem of Terror: Werewolf Howl of Terror affects higher-level creatures
    • Animal Vigor: Health and Stamina each boosted by 100 points
    • Gorging: Feeding heals twice as much Health
    • Savage Feeding: Can feed off most dead creatures, feeding off creatures instead of people only provides half the extended time

    Note that to switch between types of howls, you will need to complete more of The Companions’ quests. You can then switch between howls using the totems in the Companions’ Underforge.

    Disadvantages of Becoming a Werewolf

    There are certainly fewer disadvantages to becoming a Werewolf than there are to becoming a Vampire. But if you do choose to become one, you’re still signing up to deal with the following side effects:

    • No bonuses gained from sleeping
    • Increased vulnerability to silver weapons
    • Aggressive citizens (if they see you transform or see you in Beast Form)
    • Bounty if seen transforming

    How to Join The Companions

    The player being accepted into The Companions.

    There is only one way to truly become a Werewolf in Skyrim, which is through joining The Companions. The Companions’ headquarters are located in Jorrvaskr, which is in Whiterun. Travel here and speak with Kodlak. Follow Kodlak’s instructions, and then continue doing the few mundane tasks you’re assigned. After completing these, speak with Skjor. He will send you on your first real mission with Valkas. Simply continue to follow the instructions.

    Once you’ve gone through the Dustman’s Cairn dungeon and picked up the requested fragment, return to Jorrvaskr. You will be initiated into The Companions, but not made into a Werewolf immediately. Complete one last mundane task, and then speak with Sjor once more. This time, he has a special mission for you. This mission will be to take part in the ritual to become a Werewolf. Follow his instructions, and you will be ripping through your enemies with your bare hands in no time.