Dragonborn riding their horse.

Skyrim: How to Call Your Horse

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Horses allow the Dragonborn to travel more quickly across the land. But once you wander away, you’ll need to know how to call your horse back to you in Skyrim.

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    How to Get a Horse

    Buying a horse in Skyrim.

    Skyrim offers numerous ways to get horses. Though stealing a horse is the quickest method, you can get some cool horses by doing quests. Alternatively, you can get a horse the old-fashioned way by paying for one at the stables.

    Purchase a Horse

    Horses can be purchased at any of the stables in Skyrim. These stables include Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Windhelm, and Whiterun. Simply go up to the person running the stables and ask to buy a horse. Note that this method means you will be spending 1,000 gold for the horse, so you may want to consider other alternatives.

    Steal a Horse

    If you tend to look for the quickest and easiest ways to do things in Skyrim, stealing a horse is probably your best bet. Should anyone see you steal the horse, you will suffer a 50-gold bounty. But if you can manage to steal the horse without anyone seeing you, you can ride it around in front of people without suffering any penalty. Note, though, that only horses you own will follow you.

    Complete Quests

    Completing some quests result in a horse as a reward. For example, by completing the Dark Brotherhood questline, you are rewarded with Shadowmere, a stylish dark horse. Similarly, if you complete the Dawngaurd questline, you will be able to get Arvark, a skeletal horse. Horses unlocked through quests are the way to go if you’re looking for a companion with flare.

    How to Call Your Horse

    Horses in the stable.

    Technically, there is no way to call your horse in Skyrim. That said, there are some alternatives that are just as effective.

    Fast Travel

    The easiest way to “call your horse” in Skyrim is to fast travel to another location. Assuming the horse is actually yours, your horse will appear next to you in whatever location you fast travel to. So, if you’re ever not sure where your horse is, pick any location on the map to travel, and your problem will be solved.


    Leave it to the players to fill in all the extra mechanics they’d like to see in the game. Since there is no official way to call your horse, someone created a mod to allow you to do just that. The Call Your Horse mod adds a lesser power to your character that allows you to whistle for your horse with no Magicka cost. The mod will call the most recent horse that you own and have used.