Ysolda talking to the Dragonborn.

Skyrim: How to Find Ysolda

To complete all of Ysolda's quests, you'll need to know where to find her.

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Key Takeaway

Depending on the time of day, you can find Ysolda in Whiterun at her house, at the market, wandering around the city, or at The Bannered Mare.

Ysolda is a female character in Skyrim. She aspires to one day purchase and run an inn. She will always be found in Whiterun, but her specific location will depend on the time of day.

Who Is Ysolda?

Ysolda is a Nord who lives in Whiterun. She is one of the people in Skyrim who you can marry, though you’ll need to first give her a Mammoth Tusk. Ysolda is a bargain hunter and a tradeswoman, and she generally comes across as friendly.

Ysolda’s Schedule

Ysolda sitting in her house.

To find Ysolda, you will need to consider the time of day. She can be found in various locations, depending on what time it is. Luckily, Ysolda follows a strict schedule each day, so locating her won’t be difficult.

  • 8 AM: Wakes up at home
  • 9 AM–3 PM: Browses market
  • 4 PM–8 PM: Walks around Whiterun
  • 9PM–12 AM: Visits The Bannered Mare
  • 12 AM: Goes home to sleep


Outside of Ysolda's house.

If you’re hoping to find Ysolda in her home, you’ll first need to go to Whiterun. There, she lives in a small house located behind Arcadia’s Cauldron and Belethor’s General Goods. These shops are in Whiterun’s market, which you can find by walking straight east from the main gate.


View of the market in Whiterun.

Find Ysolda wandering around the market between 9AM and 3AM. The market is located straight east of Whiterun’s main gate.

Whiterun Walk

Ysolda wandering around Whiterun.

Between 4PM and 8PM, Ysolda will be wandering around Whiterun. She specifically favors Dragonsreach and the Plains District. Since Dragonsreach is a focal point of Whiterun, it has its own marker on the map, so simply follow the map to make your way there. The Plains District is the area that contains the market, so head straight east from the main gate of Whiterun to find it.

The Bannered Mare

Outside of The Bannered Mare.

Starting at 9PM, Ysolda will spend her evenings in The Bannered Mare. This is a tavern located in Whiterun. You can find it in the back of the market, again by heading straight east from Whiterun’s main gate.