Morthal lumber mill.

Skyrim: How to Get Sawn Logs

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Since the addition of the Hearthfire DLC, sawn logs have been an important part of constructing homesteads. You’ll need to know how to get sawn logs to effectively build a home in Skyrim.

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    Why You Need Sawn Logs

    If you’re one of the people who prefer to build their own home in Skyrim rather than buy one, you’ll need to know all about sawn logs. Essentially, they are one of the staple resources you need for constructing a home once you’ve purchased a plot of land. Luckily, sawn logs are very easy to obtain.

    Where to Get Sawn Logs

    Chopping a log to get a piece of Firewood.

    Contrary to what it may sound like, you do not get sawn logs by chopping wood as you do for firewood. The easiest way to get them is to purchase them from owners of lumber mills throughout Skyrim. You can get 20 sawn logs for every 200 gold (or Septims). The following is a list of lumber mills you can purchase them from:

    • Eastmarch: Mixwater Mill
    • Falkreath: Deadwood Lumber Mill
    • Falkreath Hold at Lake Ilinalta: Half-Moon Mill
    • Haafingar: Dragon Bridge Lumber Camp
    • Haafingar: Solitude Sawmill
    • Hjaalmarch: Morthal’s Lumber Mill
    • The Rift: Ivarstead’s Lumber Mill
    • The Rift, at Lake Honrich: Heartwood Mill
    • West of Windhelm: Anga’s Mill
    • Whiterun Hold: Riverwood’s Lumber Mill

    Additionally, you can ask permission from the mill owners to cut sawn logs yourself for free. The mill owners will only agree to let you do this if they feel that you are their friend. Luckily, this isn’t as complicated as trying to prove you’re a good citizen, for example. All you must do is chop some firewood and sell it to the mill owners. After this, make sure to ask the owners while they’re at home (instead of at the mill) for permission to use their mills to cut sawn logs for yourself.

    Each log you cut will get you 10 sawn logs. Note, however, that these will not go directly into your inventory. Instead, they are delivered to the building site for your homestead and appear there in log piles. If you own more than one homestead, the sawn logs will be divided into log piles between the two locations.