Spiritfarer: How to Catch Tuna

Catch Tuna to cook the fanciest dish of all.
Stella fishing at Furogawa.

Key Takeaway

You can catch Tuna by going to certain locations and tapping the reel button rather than releasing it completely when your fishing line turns red.

When Spirits request certain food, you’ll sometimes need Tuna to complete the recipe in Spiritfarer. There are a few different types of Tuna. Though catching them is not easy, there is a trick to it.

Table Of Contents

    Tuna Uses

    Certain Spirits will request that you make them specific foods in Spiritfarer. One of these foods is Tuna Tataki, which isn’t the easiest dish to make, as it requires both Tuna and a Savory Veggie. You can also sell Tuna for various amounts, depending on the type.

    Types of Tuna and Where to Get Them

    Furogawa island.

    There are three different types of Tuna in Spiritfarer: Albacore, Bluefin, and Yellowfin. These are each located in different spots across the map.

    TypeTime of DayWeatherLocationSell Price
    Albacore TunaAnyAnyFurogawa, Everdoor Tuna Spot300 Glim
    Bluefin TunaAnySnowHummingberg (Winter) Tuna Spot450 Glim
    Yellowfin TunaAnyAnyOxbury Tuna Spot750 Glim

    The Trick to Catching Tuna

    Tuna are notably difficult to catch, but there is a simple trick to it. Begin by fishing how you usually would. When it’s time to reel in the fish, hold the same button down that you usually would to reel it in. However, when the line turns red, you will need to tap that button rather than release it completely. Once the line turns yellow, return to holding down the button. Repeat this until you reel in the Tuna.