Cal wearing a Poncho in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Where to Find the Poncho

This outfit is not easy to get.

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Despite being a Poncho aficionado in the first game, Cal Kestis no longer wears it, or even has it in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It initially seems like it has been left out, but the outfit is, in fact, in the game. You’ll just have to look for it yourself.

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    Head to Fort Kah’Lin

    The first thing you’ll need to do is to head to Fort Kah’Lin in Koboh. Fort Kah’Lin is located on the tip of the Rambler’s Reach that’s next to the Stone Spires.

    Fort Kah'lin location on the map.

    If it’s your first time here, be sure to rest at the Meditation Point. From the Meditation, make your way up to the upper section of the structure ahead that has circular windows. You can get up there by grappling onto one of the windows. From here, continue navigating forward until you’re in an open arena with multiple battle droids.

    The arena in Fort Kah'lin.

    When you get to the center of the arena, the platform beneath you will open up, dropping you into the pit below, where you’ll have to fight a familiar foe.

    Defeat the Spawn of Oggdo

    Cal fighting the Spawn of Oggdo.

    Those who have played the first game will find this boss very familiar. The Spawn of Oggdo is the exact copy of Oggdo Bogdo, one of the hardest bosses in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The Spawn of Oggdo is also a very tough enemy. One to four hits from this ugly creature are enough to kill you.

    Parry his attacks and dodge his unblockable ones. Once he goes for the charge, you can easily avoid this by jumping over it or to the side. When it raises its head up, it will follow with a grab attack with its tongue. This attack can kill you instantly so be sure to always avoid it. If you’re unable to dodge this attack, use Force Push to stun the Spawn of Oggdo, causing it to cancel the attack.

    Once defeated, walk over to the chest at the back of the pit and open it to obtain the Poncho.