Getting water from a Water Still in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep: How to Get Water

In the world of Stranded Deep, water is more valuable than gold.

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Key Takeaway

You can get water from coconuts. However, the better option is to build a Water Still so it can continuously generate clean water for you.

Water is one of the most important resources in Stranded Deep. Run out of water and you risk dehydration. Your Thirst level can deplete fast, but the game also offers multiple sources of water from which you can draw.

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    Drink Coconut Water

    Some coconuts on the ground in Stranded Deep.

    If you’re new to Stranded Deep, the first and easiest way to get water is to drink from coconuts. You can find them on top of the palm trees which are scattered around the island. When you obtain coconuts, drop them and hit them with a knife or a spear to make them drinkable.

    Keep in mind, do not drink three coconuts in a row. This will cause you to have diarrhea: a negative status in the game which can eventually lead to death. What you should do is drink two coconuts, then wait for 10 in-game minutes before drinking another one.

    Craft a Water Still

    Crafting a Water Still in Stranded Deep.

    Once you’ve settled into the game and have reached Craftsmanship level 2, you’ll be able to craft Water Stills. Water Stills are structures that can automatically generate clean water for you. To learn how to build Water Stills, open up the Crafting menu, head to Structures, and scroll down until you find the Water Still.

    You’ll need the following materials to craft one:

    • 1 Coconut Flask
    • 1 Palm Frond
    • 1 Lashing
    • 1 Cloth
    • 3 Rocks

    All of these items can be found on islands or crafted using easy-to-find materials. The Water Still is one of the first structures you should build in the game.

    Once built, the Water Still will continuously generate clean water for you using Palm Fronds and Fibrous Leaves.

    There are so many things to worry about as you go through the islands of Stranded Deep. Don’t let dehydration be one of them. Build your Water Still and learn where to find Fibrous Leaves to survive. Doing so also helps you to heal—as regaining health is tied directly to your Hunger and Thirst levels.

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