Celestial Shell, Fishron Wings, Ankh Shield, Amphibian Boots, and Mana Cloak in Terraria.

The 10 Best Hardmode Accessories in Terraria

You'll need to best accessories to survive Hardmode.

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In Terraria, you will need to upgrade your accessories to match the difficulty of Hardmode. While there are easier accessories to get, the harder ones are definitely worth the effort. Here are the best ones to focus on.

Power Glove

Power Glove in Terraria.

The Power Glove is an excellent accessory for the Melee Class in Hardmode. It’s a combination of the Feral Claws and Titan Glove—with no debuff, just benefits.

  • Double Melee Knockback
  • +12% Melee Speed
  • +10% Melee Weapon Size
  • Auto-swing for Melee Weapons, including Whips

To craft the Power Glove, you’ll need these items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Feral Claws
Titan Glove
Tinkerer's WorkshopPower Glove

Mana Cloak

Mana Cloak in Terraria.

The Mana Cloak is a handy combat accessory for the Magic Class in Terraria. With the benefits it provides, you don’t have to worry too much about running out of Mana.

  • -8% Mana Consumption
  • Auto-use of Mana Potions in the inventory
  • 3 stars fall when hit, which restores 50 mana when collected

To craft the Mana Cloak, you’ll need these items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Mana Flower
Star Cloak
Tinkerer's WorkshopMana Cloak

Class Emblem

Class Emblems in Terraria.

Among the best Hardmode accessories to have is your own Class Emblem. It increases your damage according to your play style. You can choose one from the following:

  • Ranger Emblem → +15% Ranged Damage
  • Sorcerer Emblem → +15% Magic Damage
  • Summoner Emblem → +15% Summon Damage
  • Warrior Emblem → +15% Melee Damage

Here’s how to get each Class Emblem:

Class EmblemHow to get it
Ranger Emblem
Sorcerer Emblem
Summoner Emblem
Warrior Emblem
Wall of Flesh: 12.5% drop chance each.

Ankh Shield

Ankh Shield in Terraria.

The best Hardmode accessory to get, especially if you like using shields throughout the game. It’s a combination of the Obsidian Shield and Ankh Charm, which grants the following benefits:

  • +4 Defense
  • Immunity to 10 debuffs, namely: Bleeding, Broken Armor, Burning, Confused, Cursed, Darkness, Poisoned, Silenced, Slow, and Weak
  • Immunity to Knockback and Fire Blocks

To craft the Ankh Shield, you will need the following items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Obsidian Shield
Ankh Charm
Tinkerer's WorkshopAnkh Shield

Master Ninja Gear

Master Ninja Gear in Terraria.

The Master Ninja Gear is an awesome movement accessory to have in post-Plantera Hardmode, regardless of your Class. It helps you explore more easily, from getting to the next point faster to escaping dangerous enemies. These are the benefits it grants:

  • +10% dodge chance on attacks, spikes and lava
  • Smokescreen upon dodging successfully
  • Ability to Dash, with one-second cooldown
  • Ability to climb walls
  • Ability to quickly slide down from walls

To craft the Master Ninja Gear, you’ll need these items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Black Belt
Tiger Climbing Gear
Tinkerer's WorkshopMaster Ninja Gear

Amphibian Boots

Amphibian Boots in Terraria.

While you can get it in the pre-Hardmode game stage, the Amphibian Boots are still among the best accessories to have in Hardmode. These are the benefits it grants:

  • +48% Ascend Speed
  • Auto-jump enabled
  • +60% Fall Resistance
  • Up to 30mph Running Speed

To craft the Amphibian Boots, you’ll need these items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Sailfish Boots
Frog Leg
Tinkerer's WorkshopAmphibian Boots

Max-Tier Wings

Fishron, Empress and Betsy's Wings.

Max-Tier Wings are accessories that you don’t want to miss out on, because they stack well with the other movement accessories. You can better control your flight with wings than any boot. These are the best wings to get before fighting Moon Lord:

  • Fishron Wings → 3 seconds, reaching 143 tiles up with up to 41 mph
  • Empress Wings → 2.5 seconds, reaching 128 tiles up with up to 41 mph
  • Betsy’s Wings → 2.5 seconds, reaching 119 tiles up with up to 36 mph

The following is where you can get each wing from:

WingsWhere to get it from
Fishron WingsDuke Fishron (6.67% chance)
Empress WingsEmpress of Light (6.67% chance)
Betsy's WingsBetsy (10% chance)

Papyrus Scarab

Papyrus Scarab in Terraria.

The Papyrus Scarab is a great combat accessory for the Summoner Class in Hardmode. It’s a combination of the Necromantic Scroll and Hercules Beetle, which means it grants the following benefits:

  • +1 Minion Capacity
  • +25% Minion Damage
  • +2 Minion Knockback
  • Stacks with its ingredients

To craft the Papyrus Scarab, you’ll need these items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Necromantic Scroll
Hercules Beetle
Tinkerer's WorkshopPapyrus Scarab

Destroyer Emblem

Destroyer Emblem in Terraria.

The Destroyer Emblem is an offensive combat accessory you can use regardless of your Class. However, you can only craft it during the post-Golem stage, but that just gives you time to get its ingredients. With the benefits it grants, it’s worth your time:

  • +10% Damage
  • +8% Critical Strike Chance

To craft the Destroyer Emblem, you’ll need these items:

IngredientsWorking StationResult
Avenger Emblem
Eye of Golem
Tinkerer's WorkshopDestroyer Emblem

Celestial Shell

Celestial Shell in Terraria.

The Celestial Shell is a must-have Hardmode accessory. It only uses one slot despite having multiple functions. As to why it’s an excellent accessory for any class, just check out its benefits:

Any FormWerewolf Form (Night)
‣ +10% Damage
‣ +10% Melee Speed
‣ +2% Critical Strike Chance
‣ +0.5 Minion Knockback
‣ +4 Defense
‣ +1 HP Regen per second
‣ +15% Mining Speed
‣ Ability to swim at a normal speed and breathe underwater
‣ +5.1% Melee Damage
‣ +5.1% Melee Speed
‣ +5% Movement Speed
‣ +2% Melee Critical Hit Chance
‣ +3 Defense
‣ +0.5 HP Regen per second
‣ Increased Jump height and speed

To craft the Celestial Shell, you’ll need these items:

IngredientsCrafting StationResult
Celestial Stone
Moon Shell
Tinkerer's WorkshopCelestial Shell