Top image is someone cosplaying as Link after getting killed by a Cucoo, the bottom-left image is a screenshot depicting King Harkinian and Princess Zelda from a Legend of Zelda CD-i game, and the bottom-right image is a modded version of Breath of the Wild that someone has insert Goku, a diamond sword from Minecraft, and Thomas the tank engine into.

The 15 Best Legend of Zelda Memes

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From the first game in the franchise to Breath of the Wild, there have been many funny situations and comical thoughts that have spawned from the Legend of Zelda series. As such, you can’t take your adventures too seriously.

Beware the Cuccos

A person lying on the ground dressed as Link with a cucoo plushie on their back.

Although there are plenty of dangerous enemies in The Legend of Zelda franchise, the seemingly harmless Cucoos are far more deadly. If you attack one too many times, a flock of them will appear out of nowhere and utterly destroy you.

This cosplayer exemplifies this concept perfectly with their clever costume.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone…

An NPC giving Link toilet paper instead of a sword to represent the needs of people during the Covid pandemic.

Originally, this scene from an older Legend of Zelda game takes place when an NPC in a cave gives Link a sword. However, someone on Twitter altered the image to be more topical.

Shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic began, many people started stockpiling toilet paper out of shortage-related paranoia. As such, toilet paper became a highly-valued resource. Hopefully, such a thing never happens again. No one wants the price of toilet paper to skyrocket.

Well, Excuse Me, Princess!

Link in the 1989 animated Legend of Zelda tv show stating his catchphrase.

While the Legend of Zelda games have been a great source of memes, so has the animated TV show. In 1989, The Legend of Zelda show ran for 13 episodes over the course of a single season. During which, Link uttered the line “Excuse me, princess!” many times.

This always occurred when the hero was talking to Princess Zelda in a sarcastic manner. Furthermore, this is actually a reference to a famous line delivered by Steve Martin from Saturday Night Live in the 1970s.

Since this is probably long before many Zelda fans were even born, you’re excused for not getting the reference.

All of The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games

King Harkinian and Princess Zelda in a horribly animated cutscene where both their mouths are open.

In the early 1990s, there were a few Legend of Zelda games released for the Philips CD-i console. Literally, all of them have borderline-terrifyingly bad animation. As such, this has resulted in many screenshots from the game becoming exceptionally meme-worthy.

For example, the image above depicts King Harkinian and Princess Zelda having a laugh. While the goal of this scene was to make the player feel the characters’ joy, it turned out to do so in a manner far from the intended purpose.

Rated H for Horrific

The Dead Hand boss from Ocarina of Time attacking young Link from behind.

Despite being rated E for “everyone”, Ocarina of Time had some truly scary enemies. One such foe is Dead Hand, who you can encounter in the Shadow Temple.

Not only is this fiend’s physical form grotesque, but their attacks are nightmare fuel. Even if you played this game as an adult, such foes probably left you scarred for life.

Ocarina Difficulty Level

An altered image showing Link playing a guitar and trying to recreate "Through Fire and Flames" by the band Dragonforce.

While you cannot play the legendarily fast and wicked “Through the Fire and Flames” by Dragonforce in any Legend of Zelda game, some Ocarina songs throughout the franchise can get pretty complex.

This image represents this concept in a manner that makes players glad that there’s never been a Zelda rhythm game of any kind. At least, not yet…

Would You Not Like Me to Not Repeat That Again?

A 2-panel comic with the wise owl asking Link an awkward question about repeating their tip.

In Ocarina of Time, there is an early encounter with a wise owl that has left players confused for decades. After giving you some helpful information, the wise owl asks if you’d like him to repeat what he said.

However, the confusing way this question is phrased usually results in the player accidentally asking the owl to repeat their advice. This comic illustrates this vibe in a way many Ocarina of Time players can relate to.

Link Learns How to Jump

Fake news overlay of a Breath of the Wild screenshot saying that Link has learned how to jump.

In pretty much every Legend of Zelda game prior to Breath of the Wild, Link either needs a specific item or a prompt in order to jump. As such, this simple yet elusive mechanic took fans by surprise when it became available.

Many players the world over were both surprised and overjoyed with this development. So much so, that it could be considered breaking news.

Infinite Drowning

A screenshot of inside Ocarina of Time's Water Temple with text implying that you'll never get out of it.

Easily one of the most frustrating dungeons in Legend of Zelda history, the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time has led many gamers to get stuck within. Its confusing layout and the amount of backtracking needed have become a legend in their own right.

A Terrifying Rush

The scary face moon from Majora's Mask with a caption indicating that players play this game for an adrenaline rush.

Arguably more of a horror game than an adventure game, the setting and story of Majora’s Mask will pump adrenaline through the veins of any player.

The creepy moon, liberal use of horrid masks, and very high stakes make this game one of the most intense in the entire franchise. Maybe go to sleep with the lights on tonight.

Sometimes, There Simply Are No Words…

Link responding to someone with only grunts, as he cannot speak in any Legend of Zelda game. The image is Link's face overtop of Batman's as Batman slaps Robin.

There is a trope in many video game franchises where the protagonist cannot speak. However, despite this being true in The Legend of Zelda games as well, Link can still make sounds.

Although, these sounds are nothing more than various kinds of grunts. As such, it can be pretty funny to imagine how Link responds to conversations when his only options are things like “Ha!”, “Hup!”, and “Hyah!”

Looks Like You’ve Found a Dead Link

A play on words showing both the 404 message when you reach a dead website link next to a literal dead Link from the Legend of Zelda games.

In terms of web browsing, a 404 Error can also be known as a “dead link” due to the site you’re wishing to reach being down. However, in terms of The Legend of Zelda, a “dead Link” has a very different meaning.

Maybe try refreshing the page…or reloading from a previous checkpoint.

Incoming Guardian Attack

Link about to get hit from behind by a Guardian in Breath of the Wild, but Link and a Guardian's faces are overtop Homer and Bart from the Simpsons.

Guardians are some of the hardest-hitting enemies in Breath of the Wild. This altered screenshot from an episode of The Simpsons very accurately demonstrates what it’s like getting hit by an unexpected Guardian attack.

“Ouch” somehow just doesn’t feel significant enough for such a brutal attack. Hopefully, you were at full Hearts when this happened to you, otherwise, it would be a game over.

Why Nintendo Doesn’t Want Mods in Legend of Zelda Games

Screenshot of a modded version of Breath of the Wild where Goku, a Diamond Sword, and Thomas the Tank Engine have been inserted.

While Goku from the Dragon Ball universe, a Diamond Sword from Minecraft, and Thomas the Tank Engine are not canon in the Legend of Zelda universe, you can’t exactly stop dedicated modders from inserting them into Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild doesn’t have official mod support, but, again, dedicated modders don’t care. They’re all about breaking boundaries…and minds.

I Am Error

A villager saying "I am Error" in The Adventure of Link.

In The Adventure of Link, you can come across an oddly-named villager in the town of Ruto. All this person says is “I am Error.” While many western gamers don’t understand this joke, there’s actually a reason behind this weird naming convention.

In the Moruge Forest, there is another villager named Bagu. This is an in-joke from the development staff that can only be understood if you know Japanese. In Japanese, “Bagu” (バグ) can mean “bug”, as in a glitch or error in the game.

The reason Error exists is because he is visually almost identical to Bagu, making the two villagers a connected thematic joke.