Evolving the Pentagram in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Evolve the Pentagram

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Key Takeaway

To evolve the Pentagram, you’ll need to get the Crown passive item and have the Pentagram at its maximum level in a run. Then, find a treasure chest. Once found, the Pentagram will evolve into the Gorgeous Moon.

The Pentagram is one of the most unique weapons in Vampire Survivors. It can eliminate every enemy on the screen in an instant, but it may also wipe out gems. You can remedy this side effect by getting its evolution.

Table Of Contents

    Getting the Pentagram’s Required Passive Item, the Crown

    For a weapon to evolve in Vampire Survivors, it needs a passive item. The required passive item for the Pentagram is the Crown.

    The Crown passive item from Vampire Survivors.

    Getting the Crown is straightforward and you may have even already unlocked it by now. You get the Crown when you reach level 10 while playing as any character.

    Evolving the Pentagram

    To evolve the Pentagram, you must have it and the Crown in your arsenal. You must then get the Pentagram to its maximum level, which is 8.

    Next, find and pick up a Treasure Chest. Treasure Chests are dropped by the enemies you encounter that are bigger and stronger than regular enemies.

    The next Treasure Chest you find, as long as you’ve maxed out the Pentagram and the Crown, will evolve the weapon.

    The Pentagram weapon evolving to the Gorgeous Moon.

    The evolution of the Pentagram is the Gorgeous Moon. Unlike its pre-evolution, this weapon will wipe out enemies, but gems will never be erased. In fact, it will generate even more gems with each enemy wiped out. Your character will then draw the gems generated by the Gorgeous Moon.