The Final Fireworks from Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to See the Final Fireworks

Fantastic fireworks reward your hard work!

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Key Takeaway

Unlock all relics to access the Eudaimonia M. level. Enter the area twice to unlock the Seventh Trumpet and the Gracia’s Mirror relics. These will unlock the Inverse and Endless modes. Play a run on both modes, then return to the Eudaimonia M. stage. Proceed and defeat the Directer and you’ll see the final fireworks.

With the release of Vampire Survivors’ 1.0 update came the See the final fireworks unlock. Once completed, the player is rewarded with a powerful weapon called the Greatest Jubillee. Unlocking this weapon takes a lot of effort—but it’s all worth it to see the final fireworks.

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    Unlock the Eudaimonia Machine Level

    The Eudaimonia M. level from Vampire Survivors.

    The first step to seeing the final fireworks is to unlock a new level called the Eudaimonia Machine, or Eudaimonia M., for short. This task is no easy feat unless you’ve poured hundreds of hours into the game prior to the 1.0 update. To unlock the Eudaimonia Machine level, you’ll have to unlock every Relic in Vampire Survivors.

    That being said, here’s a list of the relics, what they do, and how to unlock them.

    RelicFunctionHow to Obtain
    Grim GrimoireAllows you to see Evolutions and Unions.Found west of Inlaid Library.
    Ars GoudaLets you see the Bestiary.Found south of the Dairy Plant.
    Milky Way MapUnlocks the map from the pause menu.Found south of the Dairy Plant.
    Magic BangerLets you change the music during Stage Selection.Found southeast of the Green Acres.
    Sorceress' TearsUnlocks the Hurry Mode.Found south of the Gallo Tower.
    Glass VizardAllows the Merchant to appear in all stages.You purchase this from the Merchant in Moongolow.
    MindbenderAllows you to set the maximum number of weapons in your run, as well as change the appearance of certain characters.Have at least 50 entries in the Collection. The Collection is filled up when weapons, relics, and Arcana Cards are unlocked.
    Yellow SignAllows you to find and pick up the Sliver and Gold Rings and the Metaglio Left and Right from certain levels.Found east of the Holy Forbidden.
    Forbidden Scrolls of MorbaneUnlocks the Secret Menu. This menu teaches you how to unlock certain characters. It also lets you use cheat codes instead by typing in "spells."Defeat Sketamari in the Bone Zone.
    Great GospelUnlocks Limit Break.Defeat The Ender in Capella Magna.
    Chaos MalachiteMorphs Mortaccio at level 80.Play for as long as 18 minutes in the Bat County while playing as Mortaccio.
    ApoplexyUnlocks the Charm PowerUp.Reach minute 9 in the Bat County.
    RandomazzoThis unlocks the use of Arcana Cards.Found north of the Gallo Tower.

    Unlock Gracia’s Mirror and Seventh Trumpet

    Queen Sigma standing before the mysterious figure in Eudaimonia M.

    Once you’re able to enter Eudaimonia M., head up and interact with the mysterious figure. After it asks you a question, you’ll be given the option to answer either “Too Easy” or “Too Hard.”

    It doesn’t matter which option you choose first; we chose “Too Easy” before “Too Hard” due to personal preferences.

    If you choose “Too Easy,” you’ll be given Gracia’s Mirror and you’ll be kicked out of the level. Gracia’s Mirror unlocks the Inverse mode, which makes levels harder. Play any level and toggle Inverse mode to “on.”

    After that run is done, you’ll be able to re-enter Eudaimonia M. again. Approach the mysterious figure again and select “Too Hard” to receive the Seventh Trumpet. This relic unlocks Endless mode: a mode where you can play for as long as you want without the reaper hunting you at minute 30.

    Lastly, play a run with this mode toggled on and return to Eudaimonia M. for the last step to seeing the final fireworks.

    Defeat The Directer

    Fighting the Director in Vampire Survivors.
    Before you leave a comment about us spelling this boss’s name incorrectly, the Directer’s name is actually spelled like this in Vampire Survivors.

    The Directer is considered Vampire Survivors’ final boss. Upon entering Eudaimonia M. after completing the steps above, approach the mysterious figure. After this interaction, it will reveal itself as the stage’s boss. Fight him, defeat him, and the “See the final fireworks” unlock will be completed.

    The Directer can be a tough boss but is easily defeated when you’re using a powerful character. The best choice for this run is Queen Sigma, but you can also use other characters with whom you’ve bought a ton of Golden Eggs.