Defeat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Beat Sketamari

Who knew a pile of bones could be so dangerous?

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The Sketamari is a powerful enemy in Vampire Survivors. This monstrosity is found in the southern section of the Bone Zone. What makes Sketamari so tough is that it can absorb other enemies, becoming larger and more durable in the process. It’s best to kill Sketamari as early as possible.

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    Only Have One Weapon

    Using one weapon in Vampire Survivors using the Mindbender relic.

    Be sure to only have one weapon in your inventory when you’re in the Bone Zone. This is because you’ll equip an Arcana that boosts your damage and reduces your cooldown when you only have one weapon equipped.

    You can make use of the Mindbender relic for this. This relic allows you to limit the number of weapon slots you have. For the Sketamari fight, you’ll need to limit the weapon slot to one only. This is to avoid you from accidentally acquiring another weapon on your run.

    You can acquire the Mindbender relic after you fill 50 entries in the Collection. You can then adjust your Max Weapons in the Character Selection menu, right after you’ve picked a character to play as.

    Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana

    The Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana in Vampire Survivors.

    The Silent Old Sanctuary is an Arcana card that will increase your Might by 100 and reduce your Cooldown by 40% if you only have one weapon equipped. This is the reason why you should only have one weapon in your inventory as you fight the Sketamari. It will boost your damage and allow your weapon to fire more rapidly.

    You receive the Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana by playing in the Dairy Plant for 31 minutes.

    Engage As Early as Possible

    Reaching the Sketamari in one minute.

    The best strategy against Sketamari is to defeat it in under six minutes. This is because there are fewer enemies on the map around this time. The fewer enemies there are, the less opportunity for the Sketamari to get bigger. Whenever the Sketamari bumps into another enemy, it absorbs that enemy. Not only does this make it larger, but it absorbs that enemy’s HP as well.

    In short, it will have more health the larger it becomes.

    That being said, as soon as the game begins, run to the Sketamari’s position as early as possible. It is marked by a question mark (?) on the map. Only pick up orbs when it doesn’t make you stray too far from the southern trajectory. Better yet, just go straight to the Sketamari and don’t worry about any orbs yet. You’ll get plenty of that when you’re fighting Sketamari.

    At best, you’ll want to engage with Sketamari within two to three minutes after the game begins.

    Make The Curse Power-up Inactive

    Making the Curse power up in Vampire Survivors inactive.

    If you’ve unlocked the Curse Power-up and it’s active, make it inactive for your encounter with Sketamari. You’ll only be making things harder for yourself otherwise since Curse increases the number of enemies you face and their speed and health. You can toggle this from the Power Up section, accessible from the Main Menu.

    Recommended Characters and Passive Items

    Characters and passive items useful against Sketamari.

    If you want to beat Sketamari as early as possible, there are a handful of characters in Vampire Survivors that are perfectly suited for this task. Since you’ll only be using one weapon to take advantage of the Silent Old Sanctuary Arcana, it’s best to use a character that has a powerful starting weapon.

    Good characters for this run include:

    • Leda
    • Marrabbio
    • Minnah
    • Gains
    • Red Death

    As for passive items, go for the ones that increase your DPS, or damage per second. Passive items like Spinach, Empty Tome, Bracer, and Duplicator. If you’re using a character that has a low movement speed like Leda, be sure to seek out the Wings passive item to make her move fast and get to Sketamari faster.

    How to Defeat Sketamari

    As soon as you get to Sketamari, get close to it immediately. You can stay in front of her or under her, depending on the trajectory of your character’s attacks. You should also make sure you’re positioned in a way that you’re not only damaging Sketamari, but you’re also killing the enemies that are approaching it.

    This may take you more than one try. Try each character listed above to see which one works best for you. You may prefer Leda’s consistent firepower, but you may also want the Red Death’s speed. The most important thing about fighting this powerful enemy is that you’re using a character you’re comfortable with. Its attacks need to be familiar to you enough so you can use them against Sketamari efficiently, as well as the enemies approaching it and you.

    As you’re fighting Sketamari, be sure to pick up the orbs left by the smaller enemies killed around you. This is so you can level up the passive items you have.

    If you die, just try again and repeat the same strategy. This will work better than just facing Sketamari head-on without any preparation. Good luck!