Using the Mirage Robe and the J'Odore in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock and Evolve Mirage Robe

The Mirage Robe and its evolution can help you deal with multiple enemies at once.

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The Mirage Robe is the starting weapon of Bab-Oona in Vampire Survivors. Like all weapons, though, it can be unlocked so other characters can use it as well. It’s powerful enough on its own—especially at max level—but it’s even more powerful and effective once evolved.

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    How to Unlock the Mirage Robe

    Unlocking the Mirage Robe in Vampire Survivors.

    You can unlock the Mirage Robe and allow other characters to use it by playing through a run as Babi-Oona for 15 minutes.

    It’s automatically unlocked as soon as you reach this mark. Afterward, it’s included in the roster of weapons that you may be able to obtain whenever you level up as a different character. It also appears as a weapon you can select when you find and open a Candybox or start as Big Trouser.

    How to Evolve the Mirage Robe

    Evolving the Mirage Robe into the J'Odore.

    The accompanying passive item for the Mirage Robe is the Attractorb. To evolve the Mirage Robe, both it and the Attractorb must be at max level. The Mirage Robe’s max level is 8 while the Attractorb’s is 5.

    Once both are at max level, open a chest that triggers weapon evolutions. These chests usually appear after you reach the 10-minute mark. Once evolved, the weapon turns into J’Odore.

    Its base form creates afterimages of you. The J’Odore makes afterimages chase enemies. Enemies can target and hit these afterimages instead of you. These specters can also freeze enemies and have a chance of exploding, damaging enemies nearby, just like the base version.