Evolving the Garlic in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Evolve Garlic

The enemies can't stand the smell of garlic.

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Garlic in Vampire Survivors is an effective weapon. It creates an AOE around you that damages enemies that enter it. However, once evolved, this weapon truly becomes a tool that can help you last at any level for more than 30 minutes.

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    Max Level Garlic and Pummarola

    Pummarola from Vampire Survivors.

    To evolve the Garlic, you’ll need to fully level it up first. Its max level is at 8. Then, you must also have the Pummarola passive item equipped. The Pummarola, by itself, recovers your HP per second. The number of HP it recovers depends on its level.

    You can unlock the Pummarola by surviving as Gennaro Belpaese for five minutes on any level.

    Once the Garlic is at level 8 and the Pummarola is also equipped, you must then find a Treasure Chest that can evolve weapons. These are chests that are dropped by bosses and mini-bosses. These enemies are usually bigger and have more health than common enemies of their type. Some also appear to glow.

    Pick up the chest and the evolution will be complete.

    Soul Eater

    The Soul Eater from Vampire Survivors.

    The evolved version of the Garlic is the Soul Eater. Like Garlic, it damages enemies inside its AOE. However, it covers a considerably larger area. On top of that, when it kills enemies, it has a chance to generate little hearts that heal your HP. Whenever you heal from a heart generated by the Soul Eater, you’ll receive a +1 damage increase.