The Stone Mask in a Treasure Chest in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: Stone Mask Guide

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Key Takeaway

The Stone Mask is a passive item that raises your Greed stat, or the number of coins you collect. You can unlock it by finding it east of the starting position in the Inlaid Library.

In Vampire Survivorsthere’s an item called the Stone Mask that increases the number of coins you acquire. Coin is essential in this game, especially early on, which means the Stone Mask is a must-have item for every new player.

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    How to Unlock the Stone Mask

    The Stone Mask can be unlocked by finding it in the Inlaid Library. Once you pick it up for the first time, it will automatically become available as a passive item that you have a chance of picking up from there on.

    As soon as you enter the Inlaid Library, keep heading east and you’ll find the Stone Mask.

    The location of the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors.

    You can find the Stone Mask more easily if you have the Milky Way Map. You can find this south of the starting area in the Dairy Plant. As soon as you enter the stage, a green arrow will direct you to its location.

    Pasqualina in the Dairy Plant.

    Stone Mask Function

    The Stone Mask is a passive item that increases the Greed stat.

    The Stone Mask has five levels. At level one, you receive 10% more coins. This bonus rises by 10% more with each level increase, totaling a 50% increase in Greed at max level.

    Picking up a Stone Mask upgrade in Vampire Survivors.

    Since the Greed stat dictates the number of coins you collect, the Stone Mask is a passive item you should definitely seek out if you want to farm gold coins in Vampire Survivors. You’re sure to have an abundance of this currency as your pour more hours into the game, but there are a lot of power-ups and characters you’ll want to purchase early on.

    The Stone Mask is the required passive item to evolve the Gatti Amari weapon.