Weapon evolutions guide for Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: Weapon Evolutions Chart

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Vampire Survivors has an abundance of weapons. These weapons can also undergo an evolution that brings out their full potential. This makes them deal with hordes of enemies much more efficiently, which the game also has an abundance of.

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    How to Evolve Weapons in Vampire Survivors

    Weapon evolution is a mechanic in Vampire Survivors. Upon meeting the necessary steps, a weapon in the game can be evolved to become an upgraded, more powerful variation of itself.

    Unlocking the Mannajja evolution in Vampire Survivors.

    The requirement to evolve a weapon in Vampire Survivors is the same for almost every weapon in the game, with a few exceptions.

    Take the following steps to evolve a weapon in the game.

    • The weapon needs to be at maximum level. Most weapons have a maximum level of 8. The exceptions are the Bracelet, which has a maximum level of 6, Clock Lancet and Laurel, which have a maximum level of 7, and the Victory Sword, which has a maximum level of 12.
    • A weapon needs a certain passive item to evolve. The passive items don’t need to evolve. There are exceptions to this, though.
    • Once the previous two requirements are met, the player must then find and pick up a Treasure Chest.

    A weapon will evolve when the player meets all three requirements.

    As mentioned, there are exceptions to these requirements.

    • To evolve the Victory Sword, Clock Lancet, and Laurel, their required passive items must also be at maximum level.
    • The Clock Lancet and Laurel need two passive items each for them to evolve.
    • The Bracelet doesn’t need any passive items for it to evolve.

    Weapon Evolutions Chart

    Here is every weapon you can evolve in Vampire Survivors, their necessary passive item or weapon, and their evolution.

    WeaponPassive ItemEvolution
    Whip Hollow Heart Bloody Tear
    Magic Wand Empty Tome Holy Wand
    Knife Bracer Thousand Edge
    Axe Candelabrador Death Spiral
    Cross Clover Heaven Sword
    King Bible Spellbinder Unholy Vespers
    Fire Wand Spinach Hellfire
    Garlic Pummarola Soul Eater
    Santa Water Attractorb La Borra
    Runetracer Armor NO FUTURE
    Lightning Ring Duplicator Thunder Loop
    Pentagram Crown Gorgeous Moon
    Gatti Amari Stone Mask Vicious Hunger
    Song of Mana Skull O'Maniac Mannajja
    Shadow Pinion Wings Valkyrie Turner
    Victory Sword Torrona's Box Sole Solution
    Clock Lancet Silver Ring

    Gold Ring
    Infinite Corridor
    Laurel Metaglio Left

    Metaglio Right
    Crimson Shroud
    Bracelet - Bi-Bracelet
    Bi-Bracelet- Tri-Bracelet


    Unlocking the Phieraggi union weapon in Vampire Survivors.

    Unions are a type of weapon evolution in Vampire Survivors that combines two weapons together to become an evolved weapon. There are only three cases of this in the game thus far, and only one of them requires a passive item.

    Weapon 1Weapon 2Passive ItemUnion
    Phiera Del Tuphello Eight the Sparrow Tiragisú Phieraggi
    Peachone Ebony Wings- Vandalier
    Vento Sacro Bloody Tear- Fuwalafuwaloo