The Dead Sea in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: The Dead Sea

A Place Forsaken by the Gods

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The Dead Sea
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Norris (Yellow), Irenes (Blue)
Records/Fate: Dead Sea Map, Screen after the Dragoons before Miguel
Elements: Anti Red, Free Fall, #Capsule, Anti Blue, Anti Yellow, Anti Green, Purify, Holy Light, Heal All, Cure Plus, Seal All, Diminish, Hell Bound
Equipment: Resistance Belt, Kung-fu Shoes, Earring of Light, Stamina Ring, Trashy Tiara, Screwy Dress
Materials: @Screw, @Screw, @Mythril, @Feather, @Mythril, @Feather, @Mythril
Key Items: Station Pass, Medical Book, Prop Sword
Enemies: Geos (Black), Robo Ducky (White), Gremlin (Green), Mannequeen (Yellow), Tragediennes (Red)
Bosses: Highwayman (Black), Miguel (White)

Follow the path out here on the map north. You’ll find an Anti Red here. Go back and enter the Highway Ruins to the east.

Here at the Highway Ruins, go north beside the stairs, not up them, to the next area. Go up the set of stairs and then go southeast, under the bridge and to a chest that contains a @Screw. Go back to the stairs and go north-northeast to a ladder. Climb up go around and in the little room to find another @Screw. Go east and down these stairs here. Go north and grab a @Mythril, then go south to the next area. Go southwest and follow the path to a Freefall.

As soon as you find it, you will fall off of the bridge. Now go up the stairs here. Go east and then south to a #Capsule. Go back and follow the path north to the next area. Follow the path to face the Highwayman.

Highwayman boss fight in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Highwayman

Spoils: Summon Star #25, 1100G, Nimble or @Mythril

Watch out for his Rampage attack, and make sure to try to keep your characters from being blinded by his Exhaust Gas attack. Attack him hard and keep attacking until he’s dead. I found it very helpful to use Irenes to cast Frog Prince. It took a good 500 HP out of him.

Go northeast and follow the path to the Dead Sea Map. Follow the path, then go south and west to an Anti Blue. Go back to the fork and keep going west to find an Anti Yellow. Go back east and enter the City Ruins.

When you enter the City Ruins, head east and grab the Resistance Belt, then go back and go southeast. Go east some more and enter a little doorway. It seems that you are stuck, but press X and you’ll find some Kung-fu Shoes.

Kung Fu Shoes in Chrono Cross.

Go back to the fork and go west. Follow the path, and go up the ladder and into a room.

Go forward and examine the red button. Some events will take place, then the panel will fail, and there’s nothing else we can do for now. From the panel here, there’s a chest to the southwest containing an Earring of Light. Leave here, and go back to the fork. Go south, but don’t go to the next area yet. Go west and then north. Get rid of the Geos and take the Stamina Ring. Go back and go south to the Dead Sea Map.

Go south, west, and south some more, then grab the Anti Green down here, and then go back. Go southeast and save. Enter the Tower of Geddon.

Tower of Geddon in Chrono Cross.

This is the center of the Dead Sea. Go north and up two sets of stairs. Go west here and follow the path around to a @Feather. Go back then go east to an area. Go up the stairs and then go southeast and talk to the Geos here. He’ll walk off. Anyway, go on top of the train to find a Purify, then go north and when you go up the stairs, you’ll find a Station Pass that the Geos dropped.

Station Pass in Tower of Geddon in Chrono Cross.

Go back on top of the train and head north. Follow the path and the Station Pass will unlock the gates. Go east to find a Holy Light, and then go west to the next area. Go south to find the Medical Book, and then go back to the first area in the Tower.

Medical Book location in Chrono Cross.

Go up one more set of stairs. Go east and follow the path to a @Mythril, then go back and head west, past the hole in the wall, and you’ll reach the elevator controls. Lower the elevator to the first floor, and then go down there and get the Trashy Tiara off of it.

Trashy Tiara in Chrono Cross.

Go back up to the third floor and go into the hole in the wall we passed. Head west and you’ll see a child run off. Anyway, when you get into a fight with some Tragediennes, they will have some sort of contest of elements, and then use them on you. I think you should carry trap elements of all of the traps because there’s a good chance you can trap a good element such as BlackHole. They always go in the order of 2, 3, 4, 1, and you only get your turn after 2, 3, and 4 are over. They are hard to catch too, so it might not be worth it. The easiest way to do it is to have Sprigg Doppelgang it, and then use the Cuscus trick later.

More helpful info from our friend Tarfa K. from GameFAQs:

Tower of Geddon, Home World

My Party: Lynx, Zappa, Funguy

I found the Tragediennes here VERY useful in trapping powerful Level 6 elements: BLACKHOLE, TORNADO and VOLCANO. Since these were Level 6 elements, Zappa was useful as he had two Level 6 slots, so I could hold two element traps on him alone.

Strategy: You should put the ANTITOXINAL CAP armour on each member, to combat the Poison Gas attack of the Tragediennes, then look out for powerful elements to trap. Let the player with the corresponding element trap hit first and lay the trap for the desired element. This is especially useful if Tragedienne A has it, as she attacks last. You can kill off the useless Tragediennes and preserve the ones with powerful elements. This way I got about 5 powerful elements per battle. If there are none, you can run away and start again. Plus you might get a DELUGE element after the battle, a high level blue element that attacks all foes.

Okay, head west and go north at the second path. Follow it to another @Feather. Go back and take the first path to the north and follow it to a split path. Take the lower western path first and search the area to the north for a Heal All. Go back to the split and head north, then east. Grab the Cure Plus in the corner on your right, then go into the green area and get the Prop Sword.

Prop Sword location in Chrono Cross.

Go back and then west to the next area.

Follow the path and you’ll see a kid run off again (Lucca this time). Go west, up two ladders, and then search this little area up here for a @Mythril. Go down one ladder and then go east until you reach a Seal All. Go back to the circular thing and go north, up the metal, and follow it to another area.

Here, you’ll see the spirits of several people who disappeared three years ago, and you’ll see another child. Go north a little bit more, and your party will wonder if you are really all right after you see that child go into the portal. Go back a little and go west on to the yellow brick. Follow the yellow brick road and then go west and south to find a Diminish. Go back and follow the path into the vortex here.

You’ll see a sunset here, which is kind of strange. First, go east and use the Record of Fate. Equip a Holy Light for your protection, not necessarily to catch the element, just to keep it from damaging you. Equip the Daemon Charm on Lynx too so you can use your black elements when the next boss casts Anti Black.

There’s an Enertron near the Record of Fate. If you’ve played Chrono Trigger, then you’ll remember that it’s the device in 2300 A.D. that you used in the different domes. It’s like staying at an inn, but you’re still hungry…

Chrono Trigger Easter Egg in Chrono Cross.

Go down the stairs and keep going north into the central area. Go east and follow this path to a Screwy Dress. Go back near the stairs and go west. You’ll see the kids again, and they’ll run off. In the central area, go north and then west to find a Hell Bound, then go up the stairs to the final area.

You’ll see the kids again. Go and examine the plaque on the stone, at which point several events will take place. Eventually, you’ll meet Miguel, who asks you to accept Fate.

  1. Refuse!!!
  2. Accept…

REFUSE! We won’t let this happen. We’ve got to restore the dimensional distortion. To do this, we must fight him.

Miguel boss fight in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Miguel

Spoils: Summon Star #26, 1540G, Dreamer’s Scarf

First off, cast ^HolyLight that way when he uses it, you’ll capture it and it won’t damage you. Just attack and keep healed. His attacks are powerful, and he can do some damage over time. His Holy Dragon Sword attack will kill or nearly kill one of your party members, so keep everyone’s HP high. You might want a few Turn White elements to use on Lynx, because most of the time, he’ll attack Lynx, and his Holy Dragon Sword will kill him.

After you defeat him, the Dead Sea will start to rumble, and you’ll be whisked away to safety.

After the events with your rescuer, you’ll hear a voice that says to go to the Sea of Eden and if you’re going against Fate, you need to get all of the Dragon powers.

The Masamune
A Portal Reopened