Chrono Cross: Cape Howl, Lizard Rock, and Opassa Beach

A Calling From Beyond Time

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We’re on the World Map, so where do we go? Fossil Valley is blocked off. We’re not allowed in the Hydra Marshes yet. We just left Arni. There’s a secret place by the waterfall called the Divine Dragon Falls, but there’s nothing there yet.

We can go to either Cape Howl or Lizard Rock. First, let’s go to Cape Howl. It’s west-northwest of Arni.

Cape Howl

Cape Howl
Elements: Heal
Materials: @Bone
Enemies: Beach Bum (Blue), SandSquirt (Blue)

As you enter, you can see a chest. Go northeast and then west to open it and find a Heal element. There’s another chest to the north, so go around and get the @Bone out of it. You can go north to the next screen and examine a rock that says ‘Serge and Leena forever…,’ and when you come back to the previous area, the monsters will be back.

We recommend fighting around here until you get a decent amount of gold and get your HP and other stats leveled up a little. Normally, we love leveling up, but without a definite experience-based leveling system here, we won’t be as overpowered as we would be compared to other games!

When you’re done, head out and go to Lizard Rock.

Lizard Rock

Lizard Rock
Elements: Fireball, #Tablet
Equipment: Silver Loupe, Ivory Helmet
Materials: @Bone
Enemies: Beach Bum (Blue), Sand Squirt (Blue), Komodo Pup (Blue)
Boss: Mama Komodo (Blue)

When you enter Lizard Rock, push the rock into the water so you can pass. Head south a little and fight the Beach Bum to access the treasure containing a Fireball, then head west to scare the Komodo Pup through the hole.

Go to the left and push the rock in front of the hole, then go around and scare it back into the now-blocked hole. After fighting it, you’ll receive a Komodo Scale. Go back to where the first treasure was and move south to the next area.

The first Komodo Scale at Lizard Rock.

Here, you’ll see a Komodo Pup walking back and forth by a ledge. When you approach, it will run away very quickly. The trick to catching it is by ambush. Go north by the left side of the ledge and jump onto the green plant. Move up to a different area, then go south.

Time your jump just right to land right on the Komodo Pup. It may take a few tries, but you should eventually get it. After defeating it, you’ll get the second Komodo Scale.

The second Komodo Scale at Lizard Rock.

Head west to the next area, where you’ll see a rock to the south, and a chest down in the water. Push the rock into the water to break the chest loose. Open it to find a Silver Loupe, then head north to the next area.

First, walk until you are standing before the bridge. There are some steps leading down to the southwest, so go down and under the bridge. Open the chest containing a #Tablet, then go back up to where you were and follow the path north and around until you run into another Komodo Pup.

Instead of following it or exiting to the west, keep going southwest, then east, then jump down the little hole. You’ll emerge in the water. Go up the stairs and get the @Bone, then go back down the stairs and go through the hole to the north, watching out for a Beach Bum that pops out of the water. Move west and get an Ivory Helmet, then head back to the hole and jump through.

Now, chase the Komodo Pup until you catch it. If you’ve been inflicted with Flu, head back to Arni Village and rest up. It will be impossible for you to catch the Komodo Pup otherwise.

In this battle, only use physical attacks. When the pup is defeated, the Mama Komodo comes after you.

Mama Komodo Boss at Lizard Rock.

Boss: Mama Komodo (Blue)

Spoils: Summon Star #1, 264G, @Fant/#Tablet

After defeating the little Komodo Pups, you’ll immediately face the Mama Komodo. In this battle, unleash everything you have, using both your physical attacks and the few elements that you possess.

If you have any red elements, like the Fireball that was obtained earlier, use those since red is the opposite of blue in this game, and it will do more damage against Mama Komodo.

Despite her intimidating appearance, she isn’t very difficult to defeat. Once she’s down, she’ll crash to the ground and stay down.

From this point forward, assume that with a Summon Star, you’ll receive a Statistics Boost and a New Element Slot. The items you get from the bosses will still be noted, however.

As Poshul indicated, you now have three Komodo Scales. It’s time to head to Opassa Beach. To do so, exit to the west side of the screen to get to the World Map, then navigate down to Opassa Beach.

Opassa Beach

When you walk to the left at Opassa Beach, Leena will spot you. You’ll then give her the Komodo scales, and she’ll thank you for them.

Giving Leena the Komodo Scales.

Following this, she’ll start reminiscing about the past, which will prompt a couple of dialogue options for you to choose from:

  1. I don’t remember.
  2. I remember. (Select this option)

And then:

  1. We’ll forget it eventually.
  2. We’ll never forget this day! (Select this option)

It’s important to choose option 2 for both sets of options. This choice impacts the acquisition of Leena’s level 7 tech later in the game. Pay attention as the events unfold.

Once you wake up and regain control, head to the right and exit Opassa Beach.

For those playing in New Game+, there’s an opportunity to obtain Ending #4 by defeating the final boss at this point. This opportunity is available up until you reach Termina.
Arni Village
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