Back to Termina to help Kid.

Chrono Cross: Back to Termina | Helping a Friend

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Back to Termina | Helping a Friend
Our Party: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Leena (Blue)
Window Frames: Guldovian Stitch
Recruitable Characters: Korcha (Blue), Mel (Yellow)

Go to the entrance and you’ll see Glenn talking to the flower woman. After some discussion with him, he’ll tell you that you need to stop at a small island where a former dragoon named Radius lives to ask for his advice.

He’ll leave, and now you need to go back to Korcha. After more dialogue, he’ll then agree to let you use his boat, so accept. If you don’t put him in your immediate party, he’ll swim back to Guldove! In this case you’ll need to speak with him again to recruit him.

Now, go back to Guldove and, with Kid in your party, talk to Mel. After she’s done talking, Mel will give you the window frame Guldovian Stitch.

Guldovian Stitch window frame.

After she gives you the gift, she’ll then join your party!

Mel joins the party in Chrono Cross.

If you didn’t add Korcha to the party earlier, head up the ladder and speak to him to recruit him.

Korcha joins the party in Chrono Cross.

Now we’re done here, so get in your boat, and park it where it says Termina.

Back to Guldove | Helping a Friend
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