Opassa Beach with Lucca and the True Time Devourer.

Chrono Cross: For All the Dreamers

Our Planet's Dream is Not Over Yet

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Make sure you have everything you need, and make sure to forge whatever @Rainbow or @Denadorite equipment you can that you may need for New Game+. When you’re ready, go to Opassa Beach.

Opassa Beach

Opassa Beach
Our Party: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Glenn (Green)/Karsh (Green)
Final Boss: Time Devourer (White)

Switch dimensions for the last time. Here at the Home World’s Opassa Beach, you’ll see three familiar faces from Chrono Trigger. You can talk to all three of them to learn about a lot of things.

After you’re done talking to them, it’s time for the final battle. Go to the glowing purple wormhole and use the Time Egg. Prepare to fight the final boss of the game.

No beginning and no end…

  1. To the darkness of time!
  2. No way! Not yet!

Choose 1, and let’s go!

Lucca trapped in the true Time Devourer in Chrono Cross.

Final Boss: Time Devourer

There are two ways to end this battle and two different endings:

1. Fight, fight, and fight some more. It is very hard and it is very long. All we can say for this is to just use your best elements, stay healed, and stay alive. Just watch out for the Omega Attacks. He mostly uses Green elements, so the Green Plate just might help if you equip it on Serge or someone.

This ending is NOT considered the “good ending”.

This method, method #2, is considered the “good ending”:

2. Use the Chrono Cross. Make sure you have one of every element somewhere in your party and have the Chrono Cross element at level 1 on Serge for convenience. Fill up your element grids to level 8, and stay healed. Use Yellow and Red, and then defend. He’ll use Yellow again, so do the following:

Have Serge use Red, have Kid use Green, have Karsh use Blue, have Kid use Black, have Karsh use White, and have Serge finish it off with the ChronoCross.

It is actually quite easy, as long as you don’t attack in between each time you use an element. This only works if your stamina is at level 7 after he casts his yellow element.

The ending for this is more in-depth than the previous one and is considered the “good ending”.

That’s the end of the game! Thanks for playing through the Walkthrough. Make sure to save your game for New Game+ and Continue+. We highly recommend saving your game to a different slot than your previous save.

The Chrono Cross
New Game+