Chrono Cross: On to Water Dragon Isle

In Search of the Dragon Blue

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You’ll be back on the World Map. You need the protection of the Water Dragon, but he’s not here in Another World. We need to go back to the Home World. If you chose not to help Kid, you need to go to Guldove now.

There are new elements at Guldove, Marbule, and Termina if you missed them before.

Guldove (Another)

Guldove (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Leena (Blue)
Key Items: Astral Amulet
Recruitable Characters: Kid (Red), Doc (White)

At the doctor’s office here in Guldove, watch some events, and eventually both Kid and Doc will join your party. After some more dialogue, you’ll also receive the Astral Amula. Now all the people should have the Astral Amulet, no matter which scenario you played. We need to go to Opassa Beach and go to the Home World by using the Astral Amulet on the glowing green wormhole.

Once you exit Opassa Beach, you’ll be back at the Home World. If you chose not to help Kid, you need to go to Hydra Marshes.

Now, to get to Water Dragon Isle, you need to talk to the guy at the docks in Arni. He’ll take you there for 100G.

Sail to Water Dragon Isle for 100G.

Bring Razzly with you if she’s in your party.

Water Dragon Isle (Home)

Water Dragon Isle (Home)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Kid (Red) / Serge (White), Razzly (Green), Kid (Red)
Records/Fate: First area, Before the Water Dragon
Gold: 200G
Elements: Aqua Ball, Ice Blast, Nimble, Frog Prince
Equipment: Magic Ring, Scaley Dress
Materials: @Iron
Key Items: Ice Breath
Enemies/Bosses: Dwarf (Yellow), Daggy Dwarf (Yellow), Daffy Dwarf (Yell0w), Hi-Ho Tank (Yellow)

Jump on this first lily pad. Next, jump to the northwestern one, then the southern one, then this northwestern one. Follow the path and go up the ladder to find an Aqua Ball.

Aqua Ball at Water Dragon Isle.

Go back and jump on the lily pad, and then jump on the northeastern one. Now jump on the northern one, and then the southeastern one, followed by the next southeastern one. Go up the ladder here, and down the next one to find the Ice Blast.

Go back two lily pads and then jump on the northeastern one. Use the Record of Fate, and then go north up to the ladder, but don’t go up it. Go east under the arch, and check behind the waterfall to find an @Iron.

Iron at Water Dragon Isle.

Go back and go up the ladder to the next area.

You’ll see the area overrun by Dwarves. I suggest killing all of the dwarves, for revenge and for fun. To the east of this entrance is a Nimble. After you’re done slaughtering Dwarves, go north and up the middle ladder to the next area.

Go forward and you have to face Dwarf Chieftain and some other Dwarves.

Fighting Dwarves at Water Dragon Isle.

Boss: Dwarf, Daffy Dwarf, Daggy Dwarf

Spoils: Summon Star #12, 650G, Electro Jolt(s) or Upheaval(s)

Just use multiple attacks such as Gravitonne and Meteor Shower. Actually, if you use Razzly’s level 3 attack twice successfully, and then a multiple attack or two. That should be enough to finish them all off.

They shouldn’t pose too much of a threat.

They’ll decide to retreat for now, and they want you to follow them. Keep slaughtering the Dwarves, and then go north and up the ladder. Go outside and grab the Magic Ring.

The Magic Ring at Water Dragon Isle.

Go back in and down the ladder, and then southwest down this ladder, and then south to the next area.

Use the Record of Fate to the west, and then head down both ladders. Go into the hole under the waterfall, kill the Dwarf, and get the Scaley Dress. Get out and go down the ladder to the west. Go east and face the Dwarves one last time.

Hi-ho Tank at Water Dragon Isle.

Boss: Hi-Ho Tank

Spoils: Summon Star #13, 800G, Knee Pad or Iron, Upheaval, Upheaval

Concentrate everything on the Hi-Ho Tank, and use multiple attacks to get rid of the two Dwarves. Watch out for the Element Shot. It has various attack colors and it beats the crap out of whomever it hits, so make sure to heal them.

After the battle, you’ll see Rosetta. Go over and examine her. Razzly will stay with her, so get a different party member, and continue deeper into the cave.

You’ll see the Water Dragon in here. He knows why you’re here, and he’ll give you his Ice Breath. It will quench even lava, then he’ll also give you a Frog Prince summon.

The Frog Prince Summon in Chrono Cross.

After some wise words, you’ll be back at Fairyville. You’ll have some more dialogue. If Razzly isn’t in your party, Kid will pass out and have a nightmare of the past. She’ll wake up in the dark and talk to Serge about the past, and why she’s after Lynx.

Go back to the entrance and talk to the old man so you can go back to Arni.

Arni Village (Home)

Arni Village (Home)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Kid (Red) / Serge (White), Razzly (Green), Kid (Red)
Key Items: Book of Poems

Here in Arni, go talk to the girl in the restaurant who wrote the poems. If you talked to her other self in Another World, she’ll give you the Book of Poems to give to her other self.

Book of Poems in Arni Village.

That’s the only thing new that I’ve found, so head out of here and go back to Another World.

Arni Village (Another)

Arni Village (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Kid (Red) / Serge (White), Razzly (Green), Kid (Red)
Materials: @Rainbow Shell

Go to Arni in Another World and show the girl the Book of Poems. She won’t look at it for now, but for showing her and giving her hope, she’ll give your very first @Rainbow Shell!

Rainbow Shell in Arni Village.

Head out of Arni and go to Hermit’s Hideaway.

Hermit’s Hideaway (Another)

Hermit's Hideaway (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Kid (Red) / Serge (White), Razzly (Green), Kid (Red)

Here, check the gray spot on the ground near the entrance of the underground bunker. Use the Ice Breath on the ground and it will say that vegetation can grow here again.

Vegetation can grow at Hermit's Hideaway.

You’ll find out why you did this later. Leave Hermit’s Hideaway.

Now that you have the Divine Protection, head to Mt. Pyre!

Bring a lot of #Tablets or #Capsules, and #Ointment!

Mt. Pyre (Another)

Mt. Pyre (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Leena (Blue), Kid (Red)
Records/Fate: Before the Fire Dragon
Elements: Magma Burst, #Tablet, Magma Bomb, Inferno, #Capsule, #Tablet
Enemies: Lava-boy (Red), Cat Burglar (Red), Hot Doggity (Red)
Bosses: Solt (Yellow), Peppor (Yellow), Fire Dragon (Red), Karsh (Green), Zoah (Yellow), Marcy (Blue)

Do not freeze the lava yet. Going very quickly, go northwest, grab the Magme Burst, then run back, trying not to be attacked because you’re weak. Heal your party with #Tablets or #Capsules, and then use the Ice Breath to freeze the lava. Follow the path up, get rid of the Cat Burglar and grab the #Tablet out of the chest. Go northeast to the next area. You’ll run into Solt and Peppor, yet again. Time to fight.

Solt and Peppor at Mt. Pyre.

Boss: Solt, Peppor

Spoils: Summon Star #12, 1045G, Iron Mail or Dragoon Gauntlet, Iron Vest or Sky Djinn Ring

Like usual, there’s a tutoring lesson about trap elements. Get rid of Solt, then Peppor. If you didn’t go on the Ice Breath quest, you’ll get Summon Star #12. If you did, you will get nothing… again!

Sometimes, even if you didn’t go to Water Dragon Isle, you STILL won’t get a star for this battle, then, there WON’T be a battle to make up for
losing it, at least, not anytime soon. It would’ve been best if you went to Water Dragon Isle, and we hope you did.

After they run off, go northeast and then east at the fork and go to the next screen. Freeze the lava here, and go down the southern path. Grab the
Magma Bomb down here. Go east and you’ll slide back down to the first area.

Go north to where you were, and keep going north and follow the path to the next area. Don’t freeze the lava yet, and go northwest and quickly grab the
Inferno, and heal before the Lava-boy attacks you. Freeze the lava and go east and up the stairs to find a #Capsule. Go down the stairs and go
east to find another #Tablet. Go back and north, up two ladders, and follow the path to a Record of Fate. Go to the next area.

Go forward and you’ll see a huge creature, but it’s not the Fire Dragon. A little Fire Dragon will come and challenge you.

Fire Dragon at Mt. Pyre.

Boss: Fire Dragon

Spoils: Summon Star #13 or #14, 730G, Weaken or Magic Ring

He’s actually kind of hard. Just attack and use your best blue elements. Keep your HP up, and Revive if necessary. If you went on the Ice Breath quest, you’ll receive your 14th Star. If you didn’t it’ll be your 13th.

He’ll tell you that you weren’t bad, and he’ll disappear. Go back and save, and then start going north across the bridge. Karsh, Zoah, and Marcy will show up, and you’ll have to fight them.

Karsh, Zoah, and Marcy at Mt. Pyre.

Boss: Karsh, Zoah, Marcy

Spoils: Summon Star #14 or #15, 2330G, Eagle Eye or Silver Earring, Gold Earring, Iron Vest or Dancing Shoes

Try your best by just attacking and using your best elements. Now might be a good time to try using your Frog Prince summon that the Water Dragon gave you.

Have Leena with Frog Prince equipped. Equip at least one Recover All or Heal All on the level 1 grid for each person, and make sure that Serge has two blue elements on his level 1 grid, and Kid has one.

Have Serge, Kid, and Leena attack until their grids are at level 5. Defend until they are all at 7.0 stamina, and those three have attacked. Make sure Leena has Frog Prince on her level 5 grid. Have Serge cast a level 1 blue element, then have Kid do the same, and then have Serge do it again.

Switch to Leena and have her cast Frog Prince. That should wipe them out, and if it doesn’t, use attacks to finish whoever’s left.

You may get some @Shiny Dew from casting Frog Prince, if it finished some of them off, but you may not. As with the last battle, your Summon Star amount will vary if you did or did not go on the Ice Breath quest.

After this battle, a lot of your characters will receive their level 5 tech, if they went on the Ice Breath quest. If not, they’ll get it after the next boss battle and you will all be caught up.

After that, they’ll retreat, and then Harle will show up as you try to leave. She wants you to leave, but she wants to know if you’ll keep going.

  1. Keep going.
  2. Give up now.

Choose option 1, because we’re not chicken, right? She’ll then leave, and when you regain control, follow the path back out to the World Map.

You’ll see the FMV that you saw at the beginning of the game now, plus his flash-forwards.

Before going to Fort Dragonia, we recommend stopping back at Termina to stock up on elements and upgrade your armor. You won’t be able to do it for a while.

When you’re ready, head to Fort Dragonia.

From Pirate Ship to Ghost Ship
Fort Dragonia