Chrono Cross: From Pirate Ship to Ghost Ship

A Mariner's Worst Nightmare

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From Pirate Ship to Ghost Ship
Our Party: Serge (White), Glenn (Green), Leena (Blue) / Serge (White), Kid (Red), Leena (Blue)
Records/Fate: In the hold, Screen before you reach the deck
Elements: Aqua Ball, #Capsule, Fire Pillar, Gravitonne, #Panacea,  Photon Beam, #Capsule
Materials: @Iron
Recruitable Characters: Pip (White)
Enemies: Man-Of-War (Black), Dead Beat (Black), Wraith (Black), Tzetze Fly (Black), Cross Bones (Black)
Bosses: Polly (Red), Fargo (Blue), Dead Head (Black)

When you get there, choose to head into the fog. You’ll see a ship rowing, and then it’ll stop. You’ll think that it is the ghost ship. On board, you’ll meet Captain Fargo, then will have to battle some Man-Of-Wars. After that, you’ll face Polly.

Polly in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Polly

Spoils: Summon Star #9, 145G, Magma Burst

Just use your best attacks and stay healed. IceBlast works wonders. You can steal a Sight Scope from him if you have Kid. If you chose not to help Kid, you’ll receive Summon Star #9. If you chose to help her, you will get nothing!

After this battle, you’ll have to face Fargo.

Fargo in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Fargo

Spoils: Summon Star #10, 551G, Meteorite or Photon Beam

Just use your best attacks and stay healed. X-Strike (Dash&Slash and the Dash&Gash Double Tech) works very well against him, along with your best red elements. Like the last battle, if you chose not to help Kid, you’ll receive Summon Star #10. If you chose to help her, you will get nothing, again!

If you chose to not help Kid, these two battles made up for the stars that you would’ve missed from the Dwarves and the Hydra. Your star total should now be 10 for either game.

After those battles, you’ll wind up in the hold, where you’ll face Cross Bones. After you beat it, use the Record of Fate if you want to, then go outside.

Make sure you talk to everybody you come across. Talk to them two or three times, and they’ll tell you they don’t have the key. Otherwise, the guy at the end of the hall on the top floor won’t have it.

If you examine the door next to where you came out, you’ll notice that it is locked and that key duty is important. We have to find the key. Start moving to the west, asking who has the key. Keep going, and enter the first door. We recommend fighting all of the monsters because most of the time, you’ll receive @Iron after the battles. Grab the Aqua Ball in here. Exit and go to the next door, watching out for Wraiths that magically appear. This one’s locked, so go past the ladder here and grab the Fire Pillar beside the door. This door’s locked too, so go back and head up the ladder.

The doors to the west are either locked or blocked, so go east and into the next room. The pirate is lying on the floor, but there’s no ghost. It’s a hidden Wraith, and after you take care of it, take the #Panacea. You can’t go to the next door through the hallway, so go to the northeast corner of the room and climb into the ducts.

The duct on the Pirate Ship.

In this room, get rid of the Wraith and grab the #Capsule. Go back out in the hallway and talk to the guy in front a couple of times and he’ll ask the two guys who has the key. One of them will give it to you.

The Key on the Pirate ship.

Go back to the door and the key will unlock the door. Before you go upstairs, go into the second door on the left, the one beside the Record of Fate room. If you talk to the pirate in here, he will give you an @Iron. Leave the room and go upstairs.

A Dead Beat will rush and attack you, so waste him and go to the next area. If you talk to the pirate here, he’ll offer some homemade vitamin drink. Refuse, because most of the time, it will poison you, unless you need healing and you have spare time, then do it because you’ll be healed eventually. Follow the path down the ladder, and keep going to the next area.

There are a lot of monsters here. Follow the path, and you’ll see Pip. When you talk to him, he’ll run off.

Pip hiding on the Pirate ship.

Follow him and talk to him again. He’ll run again. He seems to disappear, but he’s hiding in the southeastern corner of the fence. Talk to him again, and he’ll run off. Finally, follow him one more time and talk to him. He’ll tell you that he is hiding on this ship so he can see the world since he’s been trapped in a cage all of his life. He’ll want to join your party so he can see more of the world. Either way, he’ll join your party, so pick whichever one you want.

Recruiting Pip in Chrono Cross.

Just to let you know, Pip is different than any of the other characters. As he battles, he can change forms depending on the elements he uses. If Pip uses Red, Yellow, or Black elements, he will turn toward the Devilish side, and if he uses Blue, Green, or White, he will turn toward the Angelic side. Any mix of the two sets of elements can result in a mix between the two sides. For more details, check out Pip’s section at the bottom of the FAQ.

Okay, now that you found him, get the #Capsule in the northeastern corner and the Gravitonne on top of the crates. Go east and up the stairs. Grab the Photon Beam and go outside. There’s a Record of Fate up here, so I suggest you use it. Go up the ladders until you get to the deck.

First, you’ll fight a Wraith, then you need to run over to help Fargo. Talk to him and pick either option, and you’ll head up to the wheel. After Fargo yaps some more, you’ll enter a boss battle.

Dead Head in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Dead Head

Spoils: Summon Star #11, 425G, Hell Soul or Hell Bound

A bunch of Dead Beats will get together and form the Dead Head. Just use your best white elements, keep attacking, and make sure to say healed.

After you beat them, the sea will return to normal. Fargo will let you go, and before you go, he’ll suggest going to the Water Dragon to get his protection for Mt. Pyre. So that will be our next destination.

Hermit's Hideaway
On to Water Dragon Isle