Viper Manor in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: Viper Manor (Another)

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Viper Manor (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Nikki (Blue)/Guile (Black)/Pierre (Blue)
Records/Fate: Barn with the dragons, Dragoons’ rest area B1, 3rd floor outside of Riddel’s bedroom
Elements: Turn Blue, Turn Yellow, #Ointment, Ice Lance or Aero Saucer, Ice Lance or Aero Saucer, Ice Lance or Aero Saucer, Turn Red, Turn Green, Revive, Turn Black, Turn White
Equipment: Bronze Sword, Bronze Mail, Hero’s Shield, Silver Pendant, Bronze Helmet, Dragoon’s Honor, Dragoon Gauntlet
Key Items: Manor Key, Decor Shield
Enemies: Acacia Private, Acacia Sergeant, Gloop, Li’l Boxer, Big Boxer, WillO’Wisp, Gobledygook, Potty, Roborg, Portalgheist, Man-Of-War, Man-At-Arms
Bosses: Neo-N-Bulb (Green), Marcy (Blue), Lynx (Black)

If you started this section with Guile, stay where you are. If you started with Nikki, head east to the next area, then go east some more until you reach a door leading to a small room. If you started with Pierre, go east, south, then east some more to the next area, then go east until you reach a door leading to a small room. Now, open the door and get the Turn Blue, then exit out of here and follow the sidewalk north into a barn.

In here is a Record of Fate that you may want to use by now. Once you’ve used it, head north and talk to the old man. He will think that you’re the new helpers. Tell him that you are, and he’ll tell you to feed the dragons. Kid asks him if he has the key to the manor, and he says he’ll give it to you if you feed the dragons.

  1. Sure.
  2. What do I do?
  3. No way.

Choose 2 to learn how to do it, then 1 to feed them. Once you complete a round, you’ll receive a prize!

  • 10x = Knee Pad
  • 20x = Bronze Helmet
  • 30x = Bronze Mail
  • 40x = RecoverAll
  • 100x = Iron Vest

It is well worth it to get the Iron Vest, but it will be a little hard. What I always do is tap X as fast as I can while going back and forth fast without even thinking of who needs the food, and it usually works out.

The easiest way to do this game is if you’re in New Game+ or Continue+. You just slow time down with the Time Shifter and go back and forth. Very, very easy to get 100. It just takes a lot longer.

When you’ve completed one round successfully, the old man will tell you that the key is in the cabinet, so grab the Manor Key and be on your way. Exit here.

Manor Key location in Chrono Cross.

Head south and west to get to the second area, then follow the brick path to the north. The soldiers guarding the entrance will spot you and attack you. When you fight the Acacia Sergeants, try to Pilfer their Bronze Helmets. Even if you don’t need any, just disassemble them for their @Copper. Anyway, if you played Guile’s or Nikki’s path, head west to the front gate and grab the Turn Yellow, then head back, but if you played Pierre’s, you’ll already have it. Go north to find an #Ointment at the corner of a wall, then go down to the entrance and open it up.

In here, both of the side gates lead to dead ends, so go forward and examine the snake statue. Turn it however you want, because no matter what you put in, you’ll fall into a trap door. The dragoons down here can’t believe that you fell into such a weak trap, but Kid will start to taunt them, and because of her, they’ll let you out to fight them. Take them out, then you’ll take their clothes for disguises.

Disguised party members.

Go down the set of stairs and examine the chest here to battle a set of Boxer Boys. In these kinds of battles, attack one of them to see if you win a prize. If you don’t, run away and try again until you get it right. When you do win, you’ll receive an element. It’s an Ice Lance if the Li’l Boxer has the prize, and it’s an Aero Saucer if the Big Boxer has it. Go back up the stairs and through the left gate, then go in the first room you come across.

Talk to Glenn, who’ll need to write something down so he can remember, then will leave. Go to the northeast corner and grab the Dragoon’s Honor, then go into the western portion of this room and open the cupboard to the north to find a Turn Green element. Leave the room, then go to the next door to the left.

Use the Record of Fate if you want to, then go up. You’ll see Glenn looking at the wall, and after he leaves, examine it. If he’s already standing beside his bed, just look at the wall between the flag and the pillar on the wall to see the message. It will show you the password for the snake on the 1st floor. Make sure to remember it, as it’s different every game. Go to the western end of the room, and you’ll find a chest at the bottom right with a Revive inside chest. Leave this room and go up the stairs.

Enter the first door here. There’s a Harlequin sleeping on the couch, and there are two chests in this room. One contains a Turn Black, and the other is a Boxer Boy. You’ll win the Ice Lance or Aero Saucer, and then leave the room. The parlor next to the room you were just in is locked for now, so make your way back down to where you first dropped down because of the trap. Go through the right gate. If you talk to the guys guarding the treasure vault, they’ll ask for a password.

  1. I don’t know!
  2. Long live General Viper!
  3. Karsh rules!
  4. Dragoons forever!

Though they give you four choices, Don’t pick any of them. Just wait a little while and they’ll let you in because the password is silence.

The password is silence.

There’s another Boxer Boy beside the entrance, get the Ice Lance or Aero Saucer, and then raid the pillars for a Bronze Sword, Bronze Mail, and a Hero’s Shield. Examine the vase by the picture on the wall to fight a Potty, and you’ll receive a Turn Red after the battle. Examine the jewel on the wall, and to take it, no matter how you do, and you’ll receive the Silver Pendant. You’ll then be thrown to the other side of the wall and trapped in a cage.

A woman named Luccia will notice that you are not really dragoons and are now trapped in the cage. She’ll let you out, and then she’ll sick her Neo-N-Bulbs on you.

Neo-N-Bulb boss.

Boss: Neo-N-Bulb

Spoils: Summon Star #6, 400G, Aero Saucer or Eagle Eye, Aero Saucer or Eagle Eye

They’re really easy. Just attack and stay healed.

Luccia will see that you are strong and will let you go. Before you leave, go to the western corner of the room and talk to Pip, the little fluffy white creature. He wants to escape, but can only do so if you open his cage quietly. He can join your party later, and he is a whole adventure on his own, so choose 1 to be able to get him later.

Unlock the cage for Pip.

When you’re finished, leave the room, and Luccia will tell you that she is willing to help you, but not yet. Now leave.

If you want to, have fun trying to beat up the Roborg without having a party member or two die, and then enter the next room to the right, while looking out for the Portalgheist on the door. In here is the armory, and it has a lot of traps. Open the chest you see for a Bronze Helmet, and then examine the shield on the wall. Decide to take it to receive the Decor Shield. Look at the soldier against the wall without a shield. Open your Key Item menu and give him the Decor Shield to get in a fight with some Man-Of-Wars and a Man-At-Arms.

Decor Shield location in Viper Manor.

After you beat them, move the snake statue that’s in the middle of the room and put it in the little square to the northeast, just like the other one is. A door will open up where the shield was. If you try to get to the chests in this room, some steam coming from the snakes will burn you, so we’ll check this out later. Leave the room, then head up the stairs.

If you go in the first door, you’ll find Zoah. Examine the chest to wake him up, but you can’t open it. Only Zoah can. You can ask Zoah questions if you like. Leave the room and go into the next room, which is Karsh’s room. You can talk to Karsh and ask him questions too. When you’re done with that, attempt to open his chest. If you keep doing it twenty times, Karsh will give in and let you have the Dragoon Gauntlet.

Karsh's Dragoon Gauntlet.

Exit this room and go left back to the room where the snake statue is. Input the code that you got in the dragoons’ rest area, then go up to the second floor. Go to the left and onto the bridge outside, and then go across the bridge and into the library.

Go up the stairs and talk to both Marcy and the Prophet of Time. You’ll learn about the two worlds, and that you can press the Start button on the World Map to change the option of having the map display which world you are in. After some more discussion, you’ll then fight Marcy.

Marcy boss in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Marcy

Spoils: Summon Star #7, 780G, Ice Blast or @Iron

Marcy is tough! She can freeze your characters with her techs and Ice Blast, and she’s a pretty good magic user. Just give you everything you got, make sure to make use of your red elements, and make sure to heal and revive your characters. You can steal a Silver Loupe or Dancing Shoes if you get lucky.

She’ll run off, and the prophet will tell you to go to the third floor. To lower the elevator, you’ll need to push the switch on the second to last pillar on the left. Before you leave, go up and lower the ladder, and then get the Turn White. Leave the library and go across the bridge. You’ll meet Harle in here, and after she talks, she’ll leave. Check out the button on the second to last pillar and push it. When you do, you’ll have to fight the guards, then go up to the third floor.

There’s a Record of Fate to the left, and the door to the left is closed, so head to the next door. Examine the glowing object on the desk, then watch the events unfold until you have to fight Lynx.

Lynx fight in Viper Manor.

Boss: Lynx

Spoils: Summon Star #8, 500G, Pendragon Sigil C or Gravitonne

Another tough battle. He’ll seal Serge’s white elements, so be sure to use Dash&Slash right off, then use your best white elements that you can use. Be sure to heal and revive your characters. Most of the time, his Hell Soul and Hell Bound will be successful, so if one of your characters die, and you can’t Revive them, then it’d be a good idea to start the battle over.

Be patient and you should do fine. You can steal a Magic Ring if you want to or if you can.

Keep watching the events until you are brought to the menu screen automatically.

When the menu comes up, take all of the elements off of Kid, and take off her good equipment. She won’t be joining you for a little while. You may also want to save while you can.

The Port Town of Termina