Shadow Forest in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: Shadow Forest | The Path of the Rocker, Nikki

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Shadow Forest | The Path of the Rocker, Nikki
Our Party: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Leena (Blue)
Elements: Aero Saucer, Uplift, Heal, Magma Bomb
Key Items: Angry Scapula, Aroma Pouch
Window Frames: Skullduggery
Recruitable Characters: Nikki (Blue)
Enemies: Bulb, Quadffid, Gerridae, Gloop, Wraith
Bosses: Cassowary (Yell0w), Zoah (Yell0w), Solt (Yellow), Peppor (Yell0w)

Head to the western part of Termina. Go all the way to the left side of the area, then go up the pink stairs. Go in the door here and talk to the guy on the right side of the screen. He says that Nikki is missing, and that Miki should be back soon as she’s out looking for him. She’ll then come in and tell the guy that Nikki went into Shadow Forest. She’ll ask you for your help. Accept, and it’ll be time to head off to the Shadow Forest!

Nikki in Termina.

The guards are now gone, so we can go through. As you go through here, you’ll notice colored blobs. They cannot hurt you, but they will be of some help here in a little while. Head west until you reach the next area, then climb up on the banks, fight the Bulb, and get the Aero Saucer out of the chest.

Move south and continue following the path to find Nikki here. He’ll run off to the next area. Follow the path and, when you can, open the chest to find an Uplift. Once you have it, continue on to the next area.

Some Cassowaries are attacking Nikki, so run over there and help him.

Cassowary boss.

Boss: Cassowary

Spoils: Summon Star #4

The monsters will attack Nikki, and then he will attack them back. Then it’ll be your turn. Wipe them out.

After the battle, Nikki will jump off and head under the waterfall, so go around and follow him. When you catch up to him, talk to him and let him join.

Nikki joins the party in Chrono Cross.

He’ll tell you that the monster blocking their way needs to eat to wake itself up, so we’ll have to feed it the blob monsters that we saw, and to get them to the monster, you’ll have to entice the blob so it follow you and become food. When you regain control, go back into the waterfall.

Head to the back and read the note. It will tell you a more complicated version of what Nikki said, and lying beside it will be Skelly’s Angry Scapula. Open the chest beside the note to get the Aroma Pouch, which will allow you to entice the blobs. Once you have it, leave the waterfall.

Skelly's Angry Scapula location.

Start to go back the way you came on this screen, but stop at the fork that goes back the way you came. You should be between two giant pollen balls. Examine the northwestern pollen ball to take a piece of it with you, then make your way all the way back to the entrance area. Now, you have to run by the blob so it will start to follow you, but don’t let it eat the pollen. If it does, go back to the pollen ball and try it again. Don’t run too far ahead, or it will lose interest and you’ll have to try again.

Blob in Shadow Forest.

When you get to the Quadffid with the blob, it will wake up and eat it, but before you have a chance to fight it, it will shrink, since it ate the red blob. Because of its tiny new size, it will be scared and give you the Skullduggery window frame. If you gave the Quadffid a different blob, you will have to fight it. Anyway, once you’ve taken care of it, head west to the next area.

Skullduggery window frame.

As you walk towards the tree, Solt, Peppor, and Zoah will jump down from the tree here and attack you.

Zoah Solt and Peppor boss.

Boss: Zoah, Solt, and Peppor

Spoils: Summon Star #5, 460G, Ivory Mail or Bronze Glove, @Copper or Electro Jolt, Uplift or #Tablet

As usual, there’s a tutorial here. They brought a Summoning element with them and, when they use it, it won’t work since the field effect wasn’t all yellow. After they gripe with each other, it’ll be your turn.

As usual, get rid of Solt first, then Peppor, then Zoah. If you don’t get rid of one of them quickly enough, they’ll use the Crosscut double tech. It hurts, so make sure to stay healed.

Zoah will decide to let you through, and will jump to his safety. Go to the northeast edge of the screen to find a chest containing a Heal, then enter the hole in the tree. Follow the path, grabbing the Magma Bomb along the way, then keep going to the next area. Walk until you reach the Gerridaes, then dash between them to get to the land. Walk up here past the rock and kill the Wraith.

After you do that, push the rock in front of where the Gerridaes are coming from, then go back down and walk upstream to the next area. Keep going until you reach a hole. You can see a chest, but you cannot reach it at this time. As a matter of fact, you won’t be able to reach it for a pretty long time! Go through the hole here, and you’ll see that you’re at the bottom of a well, so Kid will suggest waiting until nightfall.

The Port Town of Termina
Viper Manor