Termina in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: The Port Town of Termina

The Pride of the Acacia Dragoons

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Termina (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Poshul (Yellow), Leena (Blue)
Records/Fate: Inn
Equipment: Profiteer Purse
Key Items: Tele-Porter
Window Frames: Tea for Three
Recruitable Characters: Kid (Red)

As you enter, you’ll hear a woman telling a young dragoon that they are out of Bellflowers, and after a short talk, he’ll leave and you’ll be able to explore the town. First off, head up the stairs and you’ll find Kid. She’ll notice Leena and will walk off for now.

Before going up the next set of stairs, I recommend exploring the rest of Termina. Stop at Lisa’s shop to get some elements, and Leena will drop something off for Lisa while she’s there. You can go to Zappa’s Smithy by going right from the first screen and up at the second. You can get some @Copper weapons and armor made if you have any @Copper. After the Smithy, head up to the big house to the north. This is the house of Gogh, and his son Van.

On the first floor of this house behind the stairs is the Profiteer Purse. You might want to consider equipping it on Serge or someone else you’ll have in your party, because even though it doesn’t seem like that much extra, after a short period of time you should accumulate a lot more gold than you’ll expect or that you’ll need. If you don’t like that idea, you can also disassemble it for some extra @Copper and even @Iron. After you have it, leave the house and go south back to the previous screen.

Profiteer Purse in Chrono Cross.

If you keep going to the right, you’ll see an event with a boy named Korcha. If you need any materials for making weapons and armor, talk to the guy here again and you can trade elements for materials that you may need. Continue to the right and go down the stairs.

Head south to have a guy tell you if you don’t have any business here at the shrines that you should leave now. He’ll leave, but you need to take care of some business for just a minute. Keep going south-southeast and follow the path until you reach the young dragoon from earlier named Glenn, and a young lady, Miss Riddel.

Glenn and Riddel in Chrono Cross.

They don’t have any Bellflowers to pray for the deceased today, but Glenn will notice that you have one. He’ll ask if he can have it.

  1. Give it for free
  2. Ask for money
  3. Sorry

Choose option 1 to give it for free. If you really need the money, you can get 90+G from him for it, but it’s usually better off to just be a nice guy. He’ll take it, then leave, allowing you to regain control. Head back to the second area, the one to the right of the first. A guy is trying to sell Viper Churros, but they’re not doing well. He’s selling them for 100G, and he asks if that’s good or bad.

  1. Too much
  2. About right
  3. That’s cheap

Pick option 1, then tell him to lower it to 50G.

Lower the price to 50G.

Come back and talk to him again, and he’ll give you one for free since they’re selling so well. It’ll revitalize you! Now, go back to the first area where you arrived, and go up the second set of stairs.

First, check behind the house on the left to find a guy back here. Tell him that you understand, and you’ll receive the Tea for Three window frame.

Tea for Three Frame location.

Now go into the house to the right. Go to the right side of the room and look out the window. The guy selling Viper Churros is doing pretty well. It’s important that we see this, as we’ll come back to him later in the game.

Head back out and talk to the guy polishing Viper’s statue. He’ll go on about how great Viper is and how he was invited to the manor, and how great that was too. Kid shows up and says that they need to sneak in to the manor, and will want to join your party again. Accept this time, and she’ll give you a Tele-Porter, which will allow you to switch characters at the World Map or at a Record of Fate.

Decision Point 1

You now have a choice to make. This is where the story splits into three different branches. There are three people who will go with you to break into Viper Manor. Guile, Nikki, and Pierre. Each person has a different path, and you can only recruit one of them per game.

If you want to have an easier time, I recommend choosing Guile’s path because it’s a little easier since he’s so strong. If you want a few extra items, take Nikki’s path, but be warned that it is a little longer than the previous path. Take Pierre’s path for a challenge with a whopping two items, but basically no exploring.

We have the walkthrough for all three paths, starting from the former to the latter.

For those of you in New Game+, you MUST recruit Nikki to view Ending #6.

Hydra Marshes & Fossil Valley