Terra Tower in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: Terra Tower

Caught in an Echo of Time

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For those of you in New Game+, you can obtain Ending #11 by defeating the final boss now.

First, stop is the Divine Dragon Falls here in Another World.

Divine Dragon Falls (Another)

Divine Dragon Falls (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Fargo (Blue), Steena (White)
Elements: Chrono Cross
Key Items: Chrono Cross

Go into the cavern where you were before and put the Tear of Hate and the Tear of Love onto different pedestals. They will come together and form the Chrono Cross!

The Chrono Cross Element in Chrono Cross.

Leave the Divine Dragon Falls, then go to the Home World. If you’re on New Game+ or Continue+, go to the Hydra Marshes.

Hydra Marshes (Home)

Hydra Marshes (Home)
Our Party: Serge (White), Fargo (Blue), Glenn (Green)/Karsh (Green)
Recruitable Characters: Anyone from previous playthroughs!

Remember when I told you to remember the spot where the Dimensional Vortex is? Well, even if you don’t, I’ll tell you. Go north one screen, then stand on the little yellow piece of land on your left. Use the Astral Amulet here to warp to Sprigg’s house. When you arrive, you’ll be warned that the Chrono Cross is reacting to the unstable conditions here, so open up the Key Item menu and use the Chrono Cross. All of the characters that you had acquired from your previous game(s) will now rejoin your party!

Leave here and leave the Hydra Marshes. If Razzly is in your party, head to Water Dragon Isle. Rosetta must have died for this next event to happen.

Water Dragon Isle (Home)

Water Dragon Isle (Home)
Our Party: Serge (White), Fargo (Blue), Razzly (Green)
Techs: Raz Flower (Level 7 Tech for Razzly)
Equipment: Floral Rod

Go across the lily pads to the next area. Go to where the tree is and talk to the fairy here. Rosetta’s wish revived this tree, and you’ll receive the only flower that grew from the tree. Razzly will receive a Floral Rod along with her level 7 tech Raz Flower, then leave Water Dragon Isle.

Level 7 tech Raz Flower in Chrono Cross.

Everyone except for Starky and Kid should have their level 7 techs now. Unless you need something here in the Home World, go back to Opassa Beach and cross over, then go to Hermit’s Hideaway.

Hermit’s Hideaway (Another)

Hermit's Hideaway (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Fargo (Blue), Marcy (Blue)

Go up into the underground bunker and talk to Kid. Watch the events here to be sent back in time to help her.

Lucca’s House

Luca's House
Our Party: Serge (White), Fargo (Blue), Marcy (Blue)
Elements: #Nostrum, #Nostrum
Techs: Hot Shot (Level 7 Tech for Kid)
Equipment: Stardust Cape, Diva Dress
Materials: @Rainbow Shell, @Rainbow Shell
Key Items: Ice Gun
Recruitable Characters: Ked (Red)
Enemies: Lava-boy (Red)

If you’ve played Chrono Trigger before, you will notice that this is Lucca’s house, so you should be familiar with it. Talk to the robot here, and you’ll notice that it is Gato! He’s the robot you could fight at the Millenial Fair in Chrono Trigger to win Silver Points. Talk to Gato, and he will tell you that Kid and Lucca are stuck in the back room.

Gato in Chrono Cross.

Beat up the Lava-boy here, then examine the grandfather clock to the right. A kid will jump out. Talk to it and it will thank you. If you tell it that it’s going to be okay and that you’ll rescue them, you’ll receive a @Rainbow Shell, then go in the door. Get rid of this Lava-boy, then check around here. A boy will jump out, and when you talk to him, he’ll give you a #Nostrum for saving him. (Note that he says Granny Lara’s bedroom…) Go north into the next room.

Grab the Stardust Cape in the southeast corner, then fight your way back out into the hallway and go up the western set of stairs. Go to the northeastern part of the room and examine the Ice Gun on the wall. If you take the Ice Gun, you will lose one of your party members, but we suggest you do so because you’ll need it.

Ice Gun in Lucca's House.

Read the memos on the floor, especially the one about the button codes, like TRIANGLE – A and such, then go to the southwest corner and to the next area where there’s a chest with a Diva Dress in it.

Go back to the first room you were in. Go up to the machine beside the door and press L2. You should hear a beep. Go ahead and select L > Square > R > Square. (LARA+X, Lucca’s mom’s name) You’ll receive Kid’s level 7 tech Hot Shot. This password is kinda like the one in Chrono Trigger, but there’s no A on the control pad, but the password is still the same.

Kid's Level 7 Tech Hot Shot in Chrono Cross.

Go back to the hallway and go up the eastern stairs. Fight the Lava-boy here, and then rescue the child under the bed. She’ll give you @Rainbow Shell #10. Go southwest out to the balcony. Fight the Lava-boy and then talk to the little boy. He’ll give you a #Nostrum.

Go back to the previous room and then go down the hatch. Head through this hallway to the next area. You’ll lose another party member here, so you’re down to just Serge. Make sure to look at all the pictures, because they are of all of the members of Chrono Trigger. Lucca’s is on the door. Go east and in this room.

A drawing of Lucca in Lucca's House in Chrono Cross.

Use the Ice Gun on all of the flames, then go north into the next area.

You’ll see Lynx here, along with Harle. They will disappear, and Serge will help Kid leave. When the choice comes up, comfort her, and you’ll be back at Hermit’s Hideaway, where Kid will wake up, and then she’ll rejoin your party!

Recruiting Kid in Chrono Cross.

Radius will come in and tell you that Luccia is waiting for Kid at Viper Manor since she has something for her. You’ll rest here overnight.

Put Kid’s Hot Shot on her element grid, then make sure to upgrade her equipment. Now, let’s go to Viper Manor, and make sure Kid is with you.

Viper Manor (Another)

Viper Manor (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Norris (Yellow)
Materials: @Rainbow Shell

Go down to the basement and go to Luccia’s lab. Talk to her, and she will give Kid a letter from Lucca. After she reads it, she’ll ask you to leave so she can be alone for a while. She’ll talk to herself for a few seconds, then she’ll pick up the @Rainbow Shell. (#11)

Lucca's note to Kid in Chrono Cross.

Leave Viper Manor. Now would be a good time to stock up on your elements or try to start forging @Rainbow equipment by using those summons to get those @Shiny Materials. The total of @Rainbow Shells we have acquired so far is 11 (that’s including the Prism equipment we made)! That’s enough for three weapons, three pieces of armor, and three helmets for your three main characters, with two to spare. Our three main characters are always Serge, Kid, and Glenn/Karsh, depending on our decisions earlier.

Even though the Mastermune does more damage due to critical attacks, you won’t start with it in New Game+, so forging the Spectra Swallow lets you start the game with the second-best damaging weapon for him. The same thing goes with the two Einlanzers for Glenn.

Now, make a place for Starky in your party, then head for the El Nido Triangle.

El Nido Triangle (Another)

El Nido Triangle (Another)
Our Party: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Starky (White)
Materials: @Rainbow Shell, @Rainbow Shell
Techs: Star Struck (Level 7 Tech for Starky)
Enemies: Puffy (Yellow), Jelly Blubba (Blue), Sidesteppa (Blue)
Bosses: Royal Jelly (Blue)

Go to the center and go down. Follow the path to a fork that goes northeast. Go that way and get the @Rainbow Shell (#12), then follow the path until you reach a ladder that goes down to the next area. Go southwest and follow the path until you reach another @Rainbow Shell (#13). Go back and follow the path until you reach the monster guarding Starky’s ship.

Royal Jelly boss battle in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Royal Jelly

Spoils: Summon Star #41, 900G, Resistance Belt

Attack until your levels are high, then use red elements. They are the only things that damage it. Kid’s Red Pin and Hot Shot work great! It’s a short battle, and you can make it even shorter by casting Salamander, which is pretty easy to do. It’s really easy.

Go up to the ship and Starky will be amazed to see his ship is in one piece in this world. He tells you that you can breathe underwater because his ship lets out a force field that does so. Watch the events unfold as your boat gains the ability to travel to Terra Tower from Chronopolis.

Board your boat, and you’re on your way to the last dungeon of the game!

Don’t worry, you’ll come back after you’re done with this dungeon just in case you may have forgotten some things. It isn’t the end of the game just yet.

We recommend getting back on your boat and leaving here. Do whatever you need to do, then go back to the El Nido Triangle with Starky.

Go back down and enter his ship. Look around, and then Starky will start rummaging through his stuff. He’ll find his level 7 tech Star Struck. That should be the last of the Level 7 Techs for everybody. Leave the El Nido Triangle.

Now when you’re ready, go back to Terra Tower. We recommend equipping the plate of the upcoming bosses on your weakest character, so for us, we would equip it on Kid. It does help out a lot.

We have all Prism Equipment on all three of my party members, except for the Mastermune, and the person(s) with the plates.
The Arbiter of Time
The Chrono Cross