Garai and Radius at Hermit's Hideaway.

Chrono Cross: The Masamune

The Blood-Stained Sword of Evil

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Bend of Time (Home)

Bend of Time (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Norris (Yellow), Janice (Red)
Records/Fate: Yes, just the one
Techs: What’s Up Doc (Level 7 tech for Janice)
Enemies: Whatever you may have fought before

Talk to the blob thingy here and he’ll give Janice her level 7 tech What’s Up Doc. Leave here and head to Hermit’s Hideaway.

Hermit’s Hideaway (Home)

Hermit's Hideaway (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Norris (Yellow), Irenes (Blue)
Key Items: Garai Keepsake

Radius will have some flashbacks, then he will go and get the Garai Keepsake.

Garai's Keepsake in Chrono Cross.

Now we go to the Isle of the Damned.

Isle of the Damned (Home)

Isle of the Damned (Home)
Our Party: Lynx (Black), Norris (Yellow), Irenes (Blue)
Elements: Inferno
Equipment: Golden Tiara, Einlanzer
Key Items: Einlanzer
Enemies: WillO’Wisp (Red), Dead Beat (Black), Dead Head (Black), Airframe (Black), Wight Knight (Black)
Bosses: Garai

You should have been here before, so the paths should be cleared. Go up the three sets of stairs and follow the path to the next area. Go north, and then go north inside the gigantic rib cage and go south. In this area, go north and up to the mirror. Use the Garai Keepsake and go to the next area.

Follow the path around the outside and lure a WillO’Wisp to the suit of armor. Fight it and blow it up, and you’ll fight the Wight Knight. Make sure to Doppelgang him with Sprigg, since this is the only time you’ll see him.

Wight Knight enemy location in Chrono Cross.

You’ll get a Golden Tiara when you beat him. Go back until you can go southeast to where you see the entrance that goes to the next area. Go down here and go east, past the entrance and down the ladder. Lure a WillO’Wisp down here so you can blow up the wall to find an Inferno. Go back up and go in the entrance.

Examine the grave up here to find your names on the tombstone. After an event with Radius, Garai will appear and fight you.

Fighting Garai in Chrono Cross.

Boss: Garai

Spoils: Summon Star #24, 1358G, Dragoon’s Honor

Oh boy, we’re in trouble. Make sure you stay healed, and attack as hard as you can. Use FreeFall and FeralCats as usual, along with your strongest elements. The level six elements we got at Fort Dragonia work well too. His TripleCut attack will do around 100 damage, so try not to let him use it too much. His WillBreaker attack will either kill who it hits or it will put them in critical status. This will be a very long fight, so have patience and stay alive.

After the battle, you’ll receive the Einlanzer!. Radius will then leave to take care of some unfinished business. Leave Isle of the Damned and head back to Death’s Door.

You might want to restock and upgrade your equipment.

Go up to the Masamune again, and Radius will use the Einlanzer to cancel out the effect of the Masamune. It will then become harmless, so you can move on. Go north into the Dead Sea.

Marbule & the S.S. Zelbess
The Dead Sea