Viper Manor Bluffs in Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross: Viper Manor Bluffs | The Path of the Magician, Guile

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Viper Manor Bluffs | The Path of the Magician, Guile
Our Party: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Guile (Black)
Elements: Heal, Photon Ray, #Tablet, Meteorite, Free Fall
Enemies: Gobledygook, Loch Nest
Bosses: Acacia Private (Yellow), King Moaman (Black), Blue Moaman (Blue), Red Moaman (Red)

Go inside the bar beside Lisa’s. Go to the western end of it and talk to Guile. He has a bet with the fortune teller beside the bridge, so he needs to go to Viper Manor and retrieve a certain item. He’ll ask to join you. Accept, and he’ll join your party!

Guile joins the party in Chrono Cross.

Leave the bar and head to the shrines, the place where you saw Glenn and Riddel. Keep going around and under the bridge until you come to Korcha. He’ll agree to take you to Viper Manor if you pay him 100G. Pay him, and you’re off to the back of Viper Manor!

Viper Manor Bluffs (Another)

When you arrive, don’t go up the ladder just yet. Move to the right where you can see a little bit of ground, then cross it and go up that ladder. A dragoon will see you coming up, and will start hurling boulders at you.

Follow the path around, and at the bottom of the ladder, try not to get blown off of it yet. Go up the ladder and grab the Heal element at the right side, then go back down, and this time get blown off by the water stream. When you land, grab the Photon Ray, then climb down the little vine. Climb up the ladder here this time.

After you’re off of the ladder, climb the next one, then at the next one, get blown off. Open the chest here to find a #Tablet, then crawl down the vine to the left. Get back to where you were (being careful not to get blown off), then climb to the top of this ladder. There are now three ladders to choose from. The right leads to a dead end, the left leads to a chest with a Meteorite, and the middle leads to the next area.

Meteorite in Viper Manor Bluffs.

Here, you can either go left or right up the ladders. Go left first, then left when you stop climbing. Climb up this ladder (don’t get blown off), and at the top, go right and grab the Free Fall element. Go all the way back to where you could go left or right, and head right. Keep going up until you can go up or down to the left, then go down to the left, then head left and up that ladder. Go up the final ladder to reach the top, where you’ll be attacked by the dragoon.

Acacia PVT boss.

Boss: Acacia Private (Yellow)

Spoils: Summon Star #4, 320G, #Tablet or PhotonRay, #Tablet or PhotonRay

This shouldn’t be considered a boss. The regular music plays and they’re very easy, but you’ll receive a Summon Star after the battle, along with some elements. There’s no strategy needed.

Right after, the soldier will throw another rock, which will go off of the screen, making the King Moaman show up and throw him off! Either heal up or fight around and get some more stat boots to be more prepared, but when you are ready, face the boss.

King Moaman boss.

Boss: King Moaman (Black), Blue Moaman (Blue), Red Moaman (Red)

Spoils: Summon Star #5, 560G, Gravity Blow or Power Glove, @Feather or Ice Black, @Feather or Fire Pillar

First off, take out the BlueMoaman so he won’t Cure the KingMoaman, then work on the KingMoaman, then the RedMoaman. As long as you keep the BlueMoaman from using Cure, you should be okay. Make use of Guile’s WandaIn.

If you get a chance during the battle, try to steal a @Copper from the King Moaman using Kid’s Pilfer before taking him out. Otherwise, stay healed, and fight on.

After the battle, you’ll climb up inside the manor. Kid suggests waiting until nightfall.

The Port Town of Termina
Viper Manor