Chrono Cross: Viper Manor | Ze Path of ze Swordsman, Pierre

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Viper Manor | Ze Path of ze Swordsman, Pierre
Our Party: Serge (White), Kid (Red), Pierre (Blue)
Equipment: Hero’s Medal
Elements: TurnYellow
Key Items: Hero’s Medal
Recruitable Characters: Pierre (Blue)
Bosses: Acacia SGT (Yellow), Acacia PVT (Yellow), Ketchop (Yellow), Solt (Yellow), Peppor (Yellow)

Make your way to Zappa’s Smithy, then go inside, to the left, and down into the next room. To the right is Pierre, a man who has lost his Hero’s Medal, and without it, he won’t be able to go into Viper Manor.

Exit to the south and talk to the boy running around. He’ll have found something super, which is a medal that fits on his chest. You’ll tell him that someone is looking for that, and since he wants to be a hero and not a thief, he’ll give you the Hero’s Medal.

Go back inside and give it to Pierre to have him thank you, and if you talk to him again, he’ll ask you to accompany him to Viper Manor. Accept, and Pierre will join your party.

Pierre joins the party in Chrono Cross.

Now it’s time to go to Viper Manor, so make sure you’re well-equipped before leaving. I would go to Lizard Rock or somewhere and fight around to try to get your stats up a little before continuing. The next boss is no walk in the park. Whenever you’re finished, go to Viper Manor.

As you walk toward the gate, Pierre goes on his own to try to smooth talk his way in, but the dragoons don’t want any ‘street performers’. He’ll come back and try to decide what to do.

  1. Charge!
  2. Think up a plan.
  3. Leave

If you choose option 1, you’ll just fight two Acacia Sergeants, then the boss. If you choose option 2, Pierre will try to act sick, which will lead up to a fight with two Acacia Privates, two Acacia Sergeants, and then the boss.

Acacia Sergeant and Acacia Private boss.

Boss: Acacia Sergeant and Acacia Private

Spoils: Summon Star #4, 450G, @Copper or Meteorite, @Copper or Meteorite

This shouldn’t be considered a boss. The regular music plays and they are very easy, but you’ll receive a Summon Star after the battle. If you can, try to steal a Bronze Helmet for yourself.

Allocate something in your new element spot, then make sure everyone’s healed. When you open the gate, Solt and Peppor will show up and start a battle.

Solt Peppor Ketchop boss.

Boss: Ketchop, Solt, and Peppor

Spoils: Summon Star #5, 500G, Silver Earring, #Brace, @Copper

At the beginning, Peppor will bring in Ketchop. After some screaming about tomatoes and sauce, Serge will be knocked out cold by the big guy. Start off without Serge for a couple of hits, then Solt will revive Serge. He says that he wants them to see Ketchop’s power, and so he needs to be aware to see it. Heal Serge, then attack Ketchop. I usually use TurnRed on Pierre so he won’t get hurt so much by red attacks, such as FlameKnock.

No matter whom you attack, after a while, Ketchop will first scream ‘TOMATO!’, then use FlameKnock, in which he bashes Peppor to use him as a ball, then uses Solt as the bat. That will kill both of the two morons, but also severely damaging or killing one of your party members. When one of my characters die, I just run away, heal, then go back in and try again, so they don’t miss out on the stat boosts. (It’s a good thing you can run away whenever you want. Very handy!)

Give Ketchop everything you have, and make sure to keep everyone alive. After a long battle of striking and healing, he’ll finally go down. Phew, that was tough!

After the battle, go behind the gate and grab the Turn Yellow, then when you go to enter the manor, Pierre recommends waiting until nightfall.

The Port Town of Termina
Viper Manor