The Airship in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Get the Airship and Upgrade Classes

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    Get the Airship

    Getting the Airship.

    Now that you’ve got the Levistone from the Cavern of Ice, you can get the Airship! Navigate through the confusing river and make your way to the patch of desert, found directly south of Crescent Lake on the World Map.

    Walk into the desert and the Levistone will activate, raising an Airship from the sands. The Airship allows you to quickly fly around the world, making it the best mode of transportation. Let’s take it for a spin.

    Visit Gaia

    Gaia in Final Fantasy 1.

    Now’s a good time to visit Gaia to upgrade your equipment and magic. Gaia is located in the northeastern corner of the World Map and is surrounded by mountains.

    Be sure to restock your supplies. The next area you’ll go to is full of monsters, and you don’t want to be caught without a way to heal yourself.

    The Citadel of Trials

    It’s now time to upgrade your class. To do this, you need to get an item from the Citadel of Trials to prove your worth. The Citadel of Trials is located on the western part of the northeastern continent. You can’t land your Airship in forests or on discolored land, so you’ll need to land at the end of the long stretch of land just north of the Citadel of Trials, and then walk your way to it.

    Citadel of Trials location.

    Enter the Citadel of Trials and speak to the sage standing in the middle of the columns. He grants you the right to undergo the trials and tells you to sit on the throne. Sit on the throne in the room to the northwest and you’ll be teleported to Citadel of Trials 2F.

    This floor is full of teleporters. Go forward and take the teleporters until you have to choose between two, and then take the one on the bottom. Continue on until you have to make a choice again, and then take the bottom. Continue, and then take the teleporter to the right when you have to choose again. Check out the room to the right to get a Potion. Leave the room and head south, taking the path on the left. You’ll run straight into the teleporter you need to take, which leads to some stairs. Take the stairs up.

    Citadel of Trials warp floor

    You’re now on the Citadel of Trials 3F. Head down the hallway and two Nightmares will be blocking your path. Defeat them and open the chest to get a Healing Staff. Continue on and open the chests along the way. The chests contain Steel GlovesIce BrandRuby Armlet7,340 Gil1,455 GilCottageGauntlets, and finally, the Rat’s Tail. This is what you were looking for.

    Kill the two Dragon Zombies blocking the throne, and then sit on the throne to warp back to the first floor. Exit the Citadel of Trials.

    Bahamut, King of Dragons

    Bahamut, King of Dragons.

    Now it’s time to visit Bahamut, King of Dragons. After leaving the Citadel of Trials, head back to your Airship and fly to the group of small islands just to the west.

    These islands contain several holes. Each hole leads to a different section of this underground network of caves. The dragons here are non-violent, so interact with them and see what they have to say.

    You’ll also find several chests throughout the caves. In the chests contain 1,455 Gil, 2,000 Gil, 2,750 Gil, 9,500 Gil, 1,520 Gil, 2750 Gil, X-Potion, Cottage, 1,000 Gil, and an Elixir.

    To locate Bahamut, take the right hole on the island with two holes. Show him the Rat’s Tail and he’ll recognize your bravery and upgrade your classes. Here’s what you get upgraded to.

    • Warrior > Knight
    • Monk > Master
    • Thief > Ninja
    • Black Mage > Black Wizard
    • White Mage > White Wizard
    • Red Mage > Red Wizard

    The Knight is a solid class, as it can use more weapons and also use basic white magic. The Ninja is also an amazing class, as Ninjas can use levels 1-4 black magic and also equip a range of different weapons and armor. Masters aren’t that impressive and just get better stat increases at later levels. The Wizards can equip better magic.

    Now’s a good time to get the latest and greatest equipment and magic. Just be sure to keep at least 50,000 Gil (or 40,000 Gil depending on the version you’re playing) in your wallet, as you’ll need it to rescue the poor Bottled Faerie.

    Cavern of Ice
    The Bottled Faerie and Oxyale