Cavern of Ice in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Cavern of Ice

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    Find the Cavern of Ice

    Cavern of Ice location.

    Now that you’re stocked up on supplies after your tough trip through Mount Gulg, leave Crescent Lake and hop on your boat. Take the boat up the east coast until you see another port. Dock your ship there and take the Canoe down the river. Eventually, you’ll see a mountain with an opening. This is the Cavern of Ice. Let’s go.

    Cavern of Ice Walkthrough

    The path is straightforward on this floor (and throughout this dungeon). Follow the path until you reach a stairway going down. Take them.

    This next room is just as simple. Head to the southwest corner of the room to find the stairs going down to the next floor. The only thing you can do on this next floor is go back up, so take the next set of stairs.

    Small room in Cavern of Ice.

    Now follow the path around until you find a room. Enter the room but don’t stand on any of the cracks on the floor. First, grab the Clothes and Flame Sword from the chests, after you beat some monsters, of course.

    Now drop down through one of the cracks in the floor. You’ll fall in a room that’s blocked off by an enemy. Interact with it to take on two Ghast, two Wight, two Wraith, and three Specter. Use Diara to take them all out quickly.

    Now head to the west, across the spikes, and into the room containing Mythril Gloves and Ice Armor. Leave the room and head to the room in the southwestern corner. It contains six chests containing 9,900 Gil7,900 Gil5,454 Gil5,000 Gil1,180 Gil, and 12,350 Gil.

    Go to the southeastern corner of the room to find the stairs. Take them up. Grab the Ether from the chest, and then enter the room to the south to grab 10,000 Gil. Enter the big room and grab the 9,500 GilSleeping Bag, and Ice Shield from the chests. Now step on the crack in the floor.

    This room should look familiar. Be very careful to not step on a crack. Interact with the crystal to fight an enemy called Evil Eye, a super easy enemy that you can kill in a hit or two.

    After beating Evil Eye, you’ll get the Levistone.

    Get the Levistone from the Cavern of Ice.

    Head back to the area where you stepped through the crack to land in front of the Levistone. Instead of entering the room with the cracks, take the stairs to the northeast. This takes you out of the Cavern of Ice.

    The next part of the journey is big… it’s time to get the Airship and upgrade classes!


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