The man who caught the Faerie in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: The Bottled Faerie and Oxyale

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    Find the Bottled Faerie

    You’ve got the Airship and have upgraded your character classes, and hopefully, you have the latest equipment and magic while still saving at least 40,000-50,000 Gil. I’ve you’ve already visited Gaia, you’ve probably noticed some people talking about a Faerie. Someone captured it and sold it to a Caravan out in the desert. Time to go save it.

    Get on your airship and, from Gaia, fly east to go west. Once you make it to the western continent, you’ll find a large patch of desert. Land nearby and walk to the small patch that’s separated from the rest of the desert. There’s no indicator here that this is where the Caravan is, but walk into the patch and you’ll enter the Caravan.

    The Desert Caravan location.

    Talk to the merchant and you’ll see that he has a Bottled Faerie for sale. Terrible.

    Depending on which version you’re playing, the Bottled Faerie will be either 50,000 Gil or 40,000 Gil. Purchase it, since it’s a required progression item.

    Purchasing the Bottled Faerie.

    Now that the Faerie is in your possession, it’s time to bring it home.

    Release the Faerie and Get Some Oxyale

    Fly back to Gaia and go to the small lake. The Faerie will thank you for saving it and offer to get you some Oxyale from the bottom of the spring to make up for your troubles.

    The Faerie getting you some Oxyale.

    Oxyale allows you to breathe underwater. You’ll need this item when you explore the Sunken Shrine, which is the next dungeon.

    Go to the Submarine

    Hop back on your Airship and fly back to the same continent that the Caravan is on. This time, you’ll be visiting a new town called Onrac. It’s located to the east of the desert, but you’ll need to park your Airship a bit far away and walk to the town.

    Enter Onrac and go to the eastern part of town. You’ll see a woman standing in front of a floating barrel (that she calls a Submarine). She’ll notice that you have Oxyale and will plead for you to save the Mermaids.

    The Submarine in Final Fantasy 1.

    It’s time to face the Sunken Shrine.

    Get the Airship and Upgrade Classes
    Sunken Shrine and the Waterfall Cavern