Bringing light to the Water Crystal in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Sunken Shrine and the Waterfall Cavern

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    Sunken Shrine 3F

    You freed the Faerie and got the Oxyale, so now you can breathe underwater. You can now take the Submarine in Onrac down to the Sunken Shrine. You’ll start off on the third floor.

    Sunken Shrine entrance.

    Walk north and then take your first left. Go north again and enter the room for a chest containing 9,900 Gil. Go back to where you turned left and take the right this time. There’s another small room containing 2,000 Gil. Leave the room and take the right path all the way north. You’ll see a staircase to your left. Take it up to the fourth floor.

    Sunken Shrine 4F

    Go south, take a left, and then take the northern path around the room. Enter that room to grab 1,300 Gil.

    Leave the room and go north. You’ll find another small room containing Diamond Armor. This is a fantastic armor, so go ahead and equip it.

    Next, head south, passing the previous room, until you reach the end. There’s a small room to your left containing a Light Axe.

    Go right and you’ll see yet another room. This room contains the Mage’s Staff.

    There’s one more room in the bottom-right corner of the area. Get the 12,350 Gil from this room and then take the stairs that are right outside the room to the fifth floor.

    Sunken Shrine 5F

    This floor is rather straightforward. There are several small rooms on this floor, some containing chests, some containing Mermaids, and some containing both.

    Explore every room on this floor. Altogether, you can get a Diamond ShieldAntidote5,000 Gil4,150 Gil1,150 Gil10,000 Gil2,750 GilDiamond HelmDiamond Gloves, and the Rosetta Stone.

    The Rosetta Stone, FF1.

    The Rosetta Stone helps you understand foreign languages, which will come in handy soon.

    Speak to all of the Mermaids in the area to glean information on what’s going on. Some of the Mermaids will talk about a tower to the east, a friend, the condition of the ocean, and where the Kraken, Fiend of Water, is at.

    Mermaids in Final Fantasy 1.

    We’re on the fifth and top floor of the dungeon. Kraken is on the first floor. Time to go back down.

    Head all the way back to the first area (the third floor). There’s a staircase in the northwestern corner of this floor that leads down to the second floor. Take them down.

    Up and Down Again

    Take the path all the way north until you see a staircase leading back up to the third floor. Take them up.

    This is an extremely small room, and there’s only another staircase in it. Take them up.

    Small room in Sunken Shrine.

    You’re now back on the fourth floor. Take the stairs in the bottom-right corner of the room to go back down.

    You’re on the third floor now. Enter the room to the north and grab the 1,100 Gil and 1,450 Gil from the chests. Finally, go all the way south and take the stairs down.

    Sunken Shrine 2F

    This floor is a bit confusing since there are so many directions you can go. First, head south and grab the 8,135 Gil and 7,690 Gil from the chests. The chest on the left contains three Water Elementals, so be careful.

    Now head west until your reach the southwestern corner of the area. Enter the small room and grab the 5,450 GilGiant’s Gloves, and 1,385 Gil. Two of these chests are hiding monsters.

    Leave that room and go north. You’ll find a small room with a chest containing monsters. Beat the monsters to get a Light Axe.

    Immediately to the right is another room containing a visible monster and four chests. The chests contain 7,340 Gil9,900 Gil2,750 Gil, and a Ribbon. The monster isn’t blocking any of the chests, so take them and leave if you want. If you do decide to fight, the monsters are two White Sharks and a Sahagin Prince. Not a bad amount of Exp you can get from them.

    Room with 4 chests and a monster in the Sunken Shrine.

    Finally, go to the northwestern corner of the room to take the stairs down to the first and final floor.

    Sunken Shrine 1F

    This is the floor that Kraken, Fiend of Water is hanging out on. There’s nothing to explore on this floor, so just jump straight to it.

    Kraken is located in the northwesternmost room. Enter the room and interact with the orb for the battle to take place.

    Kraken, the Water Fiend, in Final Fantasy 1.

    Kraken is a hard hitter, so protect yourself by casting Protera. Kraken is a water fiend, so he is weak toward lighting magic. So, cast Thundaga as much as you can. Holy deals a good amount of damage, too. Just make sure you keep healing and protection a priority. Use your melee characters to dish out physical attacks.

    Eventually, Kraken will fall. You’ll get 5,000 Gil and 4,245 Exp as a reward.

    Congrats, you’ve restored light to the Water Crystal! Only one crystal remaining. The teleporter to leave the dungeon is behind the crystal. Take it out.

    The Water Crystal.

    The Waterfall Cavern

    Head back into Unrac, rest up, and restock your supplies. If you’ve spoken to Koppe, the kid on the path to the Submarine, then you’ll know about a shining object he saw fall near the waterfall to the north. That’s where we’re going.

    Leave Onrac and take the Canoe up the stream to the left. Enter the Waterfall.

    The Waterfall Cavern location.

    Take the path all the way west, and then all the way south. Enter the room. Unfortunately, there’s a monster blocking your path. Take them out to enter.

    The room contains six chests containing a Wizard’s StaffRibbon13,450 Gil6,400 Gil5,000 Gil, and a Defender.

    Speak to the Robot to get the Warp Cube, which you’ll need for later.

    The Warp Cube.

    Leave the Waterfall Cavern and head back to Onrac to rest up. The next stop is the town of Melmond.

    The Bottled Faerie and Oxyale
    Lufenian and the Chime