The Fire Crystal in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Mount Gulg and the Fire Crystal

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    Find Mount Gulg

    Mount Gulg in Final Fantasy 1.

    Now that you have the Canoe, you can cross small rivers and streams with ease. Exit Crescent Lake and follow the rivers to Mount Gulg. It’s a bit complicated to navigate, but Mount Gulg sits west and slightly north of Crescent Lake.

    Mount Gulg B1

    Mount Gulg is full of lava. You can walk across the lava, but you’ll take damage in the process, so try to avoid doing so as much as possible. In many cases though, it’s not possible. Like this first floor, for example.

    Walk across the lava to the northwestern corner of the room and then take the stairs down.

    Mount Gulg B2

    Walking across the lava is unavoidable on this floor, too. The room to the north contains a ton of treasure, so you’ll want to make your way through it collecting everything you can. Some of the chests contain enemies, so be ready for that.

    The chests in the room contain 1,520 GilMythril Helm4,150 GilGreat Sword1,250 Gil1,295 Gil, Mythril HelmMythril Gloves1,760 Gil1,520 GilHi-PotionTent1,975 GilAntidote1,455 GilMythril ShieldMythril Axe, and Phoenix Down.

    After you’ve collected the insane amounts of treasure on this floor, head to the left side of the lava-filled portion of the floor and take the stairs down.

    Mount Gulg B3, B4, and B3 again

    There are two directions you can go when you get to this floor. There’s nothing to be found to the left, so head right instead. Make it through the lava as quickly as you can until you find the stairs leading down. Take them.

    Mount Gulg, B3.

    There are also no items to be found on B4, but you’ll have to walk across a lot of lava on this floor. Make your way to the bottom-right corner of the room to find the stairs that lead back up.

    This next floor has a lot more lava to walk across. Although the area seems like it should have treasure on it, it doesn’t the stairs are located in the southwestern corner of this room, so make your way there.

    Mount Gulg B4

    This floor has, you guessed it, more lava. The room immediately to your north has two chests containing 2,750 Gil and a Gold Needle, but be sure to heal yourself because both chests contain monsters.

    Continue down the path and you’ll find another room holding 1,760 Gil. Take that, exit the room, and then head to the left to find a room holding five chests. These chests contain an Antidote7,340 GilIce BrandFlame Shield, and 1,380 Gil. Equip the Ice Brand and Flame Shield, then head out of the room.

    Continue the only path forward and you’ll come across another room. A Lava Worm is blocking the path. Take it out and grab the 1,155 Gil and 1,150 Gil from the chests.

    There’s another room if you follow the path to the northeast. It contains 2,000 GilPotion, and Cottage.

    Head back and follow the path south. You’ll come across another room with two chests containing 1,250 Gil and Staff.

    Continue south to find the stairs that lead down to the fifth and final floor.

    Mount Gulg B5

    The last floor of Mount Gulg has eight different directions you can choose from, but only two matter. First, head west to enter a room with a chest being blocked off by a Fire Lizard. Kill it and open the chest to face a Red Dragon. The chest contains Flame Mail, which is worth the effort. Equip it and head back to the center of the floor.

    Take the southwest path and enter the room with the Fire Crystal. Interact with the floating orb to face Marilith, Fiend of Fire.

    Marilith, Fiend of Fire.

    Marilith is one of the most difficult encounters you’ve had up to this point, especially since you’re probably quite weak after traveling through all of the lava to get here.

    As always, use physical attacks with your non-magic characters. Use Protera a couple of times with your white mage, and use the Blizzara and Thundaga until you’ve drained the life from Marilith. You’ll get 3,000 Gil and 2,475 Exp for defeating her, which hardly seems worth the effort.

    Now that you’ve restored light to the Fire Crystal, take the teleporter in the back of the room to exit Mount Gulg.

    Take your Canoe back to Crescent Lake, rest, and restock. Next, we’ll visit the Cavern of Ice to get the Levistone.

    Crescent Lake and the Canoe
    Cavern of Ice