Final Fantasy I: Cavern of Earth

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    Cavern of Earth B1

    Now that you have some nice magic and equipment, and you’ve stocked up on items, leave Melmond and journey west. The destination is the Cavern of Earth which is found on a piece of land that looks like a triangle on the World Map.

    The Cavern of the Earth location in Final Fantasy 1.

    Enter the Cavern of Earth and you’ll immediately be faced with the choice of 6 different directions. First, take the path to the north and open the chest for 1,975 Gil. You’ll need to defeat an Earth Elemental that’s hiding out in the chest, though.

    Next, take the southeastern path. When you do, you’ll eventually be faced with three smaller paths. Take the path to the west first. Grab the first chest for 880 Gil and then beat the Earth Elemental in the second chest to claim a Potion. The central path is a dead end, so skip it. Take the path to the east. Both chests have an Earth Elemental guarding them. Defeat them to claim an Antidote and 795 Gil.

    Finally, go back to where you started. Take the path to the east to find the stairs that lead to B2.

    Cavern of Earth B2

    You’re now on the B2 floor of the Cavern of Earth. Take the path to the north and go to the east to find a room. Open the chests to get a Coral Sword, Tent, and 330 Gil.

    Next, head south to find another room. Fight the Earth Elemental that’s blocking the path to three chests that contain 5,000 Gil, Leather Shield, and 575 Gil.

    Finally, go to the southeastern part of the area to find the stairs that go to B3.

    Cavern of Earth B3 and the Vampire

    The Cavern of Earth has many floors, but this is the last floor we’ll explore for now. We’ll come back for the other floors later. For now, head east to find a Sleeping Bag.

    Next, head north, east, and then south. You’ll find a room with a chest in it guarded by another Earth Elemental. Defeat it to earn a Gold Needle.

    Head back and then go to the room to the north to get 3,400 Gil. next, head west and then south. This chest has an Earth Elemental that you’ll need to defeat for 1,020 Gil.

    Finally, head to the room to the southeast to encounter a bat that is blocking the path. Interact with the bat to learn that it’s actually a Vampire.

    The Vampire boss in Final Fantasy 1.

    He’s pretty weak for a boss, and you can easily take him out in a single round or two. You’ll get 2,000 Gil and 1,200 Exp for beating him.

    Now that the Vampire is slain and the path is clear, open the chest in the back of the room to get the Star Ruby.

    The Star Ruby in Final Fantasy 1.

    You can’t explore the other floors of the Cavern of Earth for now because the path is blocked. Your next destination is the Giant’s Cave to the northwest.

    Mount Duergar and Melmond
    Giant’s Cave, Sage’s Cave, and the Earth Crystal