Mount Duergar, Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Mount Duergar and Melmond

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    Mount Duergar

    Mount Duergar is located to the west of Cornelia. Hop on your ship and head left. You’ll eventually find a place to dock. Once you do, walk to the west until you find an opening in a mountain. This is Mount Duergar.

    Enter Mount Duergar and go to the room immediately north to grab 575 Gil and 450 Gil from the two chests. There’s a dwarf in the room to the left that mentions being able to craft a magical sword if he had the legendary metal, Adamantite. Remember him for later, as he makes one of the best weapons in the game.

    Smyth in Final Fantasy 1.

    Next, go to the room to the southwest to get a Tent, Great Helm, Wyrmkiller, Ether, Potion, Mythril Mail, 575 Gil, and Cottage.

    In front of this room is a dwarf named Nerrick. Talk to Nerrick and give him the Nitro Powder. He’ll use it to blast open the canal, opening up a whole new portion of the world to explore.

    Blasting open the canal in Final Fantasy 1.

    You’re finished with Mount Duergar, so head back to your ship.


    Melmond, Final Fantasy 1.

    Hop on your ship and sail west, going through the newly-opened canal. Your next destination is a small city, where its earth is being stripped of life thanks to the Vampire.

    Stock up on some nice level 5 magic. For your black mage, buy Firaga. For your white mage, get Curaga, Life, and Healara or Diaga. There’s also some decent armor and weapons in Melmond, but ignore the overpriced Knight’s Armor. Finally, be sure to stock up on Gold Needles, as the enemies in the next location love to petrify you.

    Now, it’s time to head to the Cavern of Earth to face the Vampire.

    Matoya's Crystal Eye and the Mystic Key
    Cavern of Earth