The Earth Crystal in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Giant’s Cave, Sage’s Cave, and the Earth Crystal

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    Move the Giant

    Give the Giant the Star Ruby.

    Leave the Cavern of Earth and head northwest. You’ll eventually find an opening in the mountain. This is Giant’s Cave. Enter the cave and you’ll immediately see the Giant. He’s pretty hungry, and he has an appetite for a Star Ruby. Hand it over and he’ll walk away, opening the path for the next location.

    However, before heading out, go to the room to the south to snag a Great Axe620 Gil450 Gil, and Mythril Helm.

    Exit the Giant’s Cave using the stairs to the north of the room and you’ll be back on the World Map.

    Get the Earth Rod From the Sage

    Sadda the Sage giving you the Earth Rod.

    Head south a bit and you’ll find another opening in the small mountain. This is Sage’s Cave. Enter it and head to the room to the northwest. This is where Sadda the Sage is located. Speak to him and he’ll give you the Earth Rod, which is what you need to continue through the Cavern of Earth.

    Cavern of Earth B4

    Head back to the Cavern to the Earth and go to the room where you fought the Vampire. From here, go out the door to the right and head north. There’s a stone slab that’s covering the stairway down to the next floor. Now that you have the Earth Rod, interact with the slab to clear it, and then head down.

    The path to Cavern of Earth B4.

    Now on B4, head north and then west. Enter the room and you’ll see five chests. The chest in the top-left corner contains two Sphinx you have to fight. Beat them to get 5,450 Gil. The next chest contains 1,520 Gil. The next has a big fight: two Hyenadon, an Ogre Chief, and an Ogre Mage. Take them out to get a Staff. The next chest has you fight the same group of monsters. Slay them again to get 3,400 Gil. Finally, the chest in the bottom-left corner of this room contains two Sphinx. Beat them to get 1,455 Gil.

    Head to the northwestern corner of the room to find the stairs that lead down to the fifth and final floor.

    Cavern of Earth B5

    There are no treasures on this floor, so just make your way north, west, south, and then west again to find a room with an orb and a crystal in it. Interact with the orb and you’ll Lich, Fiend of Earth.

    Lich, Fiend of Earth, from Final Fantasy 1.

    You can take Lich down pretty quickly. Use physical attacks with your non-magic users. If you have a white mage, cast Diara or Diaga, since Lich is an undead enemy, and cast black magic spells with your black mage. Once defeated, you’ll get 3,000 Gil and 2,200 Exp.

    You’ll now have restored light to the Earth Crystal. Take the teleporter in the back of this room to warp back to the world map. Next stop: Crescent Lake.

    Cavern of Earth
    Crescent Lake and the Canoe