The twelve mages in Crescent Lake.

Final Fantasy I: Crescent Lake and the Canoe

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    Crescent Lake

    Now the you’ve restored light to the Earth Crystal, it’s time to head to Crescent Lake, which is found in the southeastern corner of the world map. Hop on your ship and head that way.

    Keep hugging the southeastern part of the continent, and you’ll eventually find a port. Dock your ship and walk south and west. You’ll find a crescent-shaped lake with a city placed in the middle. This is Crescent Lake. Enter the town.

    Crescent Lake in Final Fantasy 1.

    Crescent Lake has some descent armor and weapons. You should have plenty of Gil now so upgrade your equipment. Crescent Lake is also home to level 6 magic. If you have enough Gil, purchase the Thundaga and Quake black magic, and Protera and Invisira white magic. It’s also wise to stock up on supplies that you may have consumed during your recent adventures.

    Now that you’re done with your shopping spree, it’s time to get the Canoe.

    Get the Canoe

    Go to the northeastern corner of town and follow the hidden path to the east. You’ll see twelve sages standing around in a circle. Weird.

    Talk to all of the mages for a bit of insight, but if you want to just skip to the point and get your Canoe, talk to the sage to the right of Lukahn (the mage in blue). He’ll give you the Canoe after a brief dialog.

    The Canoe in Final Fantasy 1.

    Now that you have the Canoe, you can go to Mount Gulg to restore light to the Fire Crystal.

    Giant’s Cave, Sage’s Cave, and the Earth Crystal
    Mount Gulg and the Fire Crystal