Elfheim in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Elfheim

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    The Ship and the Mini-Game

    The ship outside of Pravoka.

    When you exit the city of Pravoka, you’ll see your new boat at the dock. You can enter it by walking into it. The ship is a great vehicle, as it opens access to new locations and allows for faster travel.

    Before you head out to the next location, it’s worth giving the mini-game a shot. Accessing this mini-game is different between consoles. Here’s how to access the game while on the ship.

    • NES: Press A+B 55 times.
    • PS1: Press X+O 55 times.
    • Gameboy Advance: Press A+B 22 times.
    • PSP: Press X+O 22 times.
    • Mobile: Press and hold the screen with a finger, and tap the screen with another finger 23 times.
    • HD Pixel Remaster: Hold X and press O 55 times.

    The reward depends on how quickly you beat the game.

    • Under 2 minutes: 2,000 Gil
    • Under 1 minute: 5,000 Gil
    • Under 30 seconds: 10,000 Gil

    Unfortunately, you won’t get a prize for completing it if you’re using the HD Remaster version. You’ll get an Achievement for accessing it, though.

    Final Fantasy 1 mini-game

    Once you’re finished, head south and a bit west on your ship. You’ll see a port. Dock your ship here and then walk south to find Elfheim.

    Exploring Elfheim

    Enter Elfheim and talk to the townsfolk. There’s a lot of shopping to do here. Be sure to grind a bit on the outskirts of town to level up your characters and stock up on some Gil to buy the best weapons and armor the town has to offer.

    Also, if you have a red, black, or white mage in your group, you’ll want to buy some new magic. Elfheim has level 3 and level 4 magic, but you should ignore level 4 magic for now. Be sure to purchase the Thundara and Fira black magic, and the Cura white magic (the names differ between versions). These cost 1,000 Gil each, so it’s not necessary to grab other magic at the moment. If you have any extra Gil, you can consider grabbing Diara and the level 4 black magic, Blizzara. Poisona would also be useful for the upcoming dungeon, but since it’s 2,500 Gil, you may want to stock up on plenty of Antidotes instead.

    Also, don’t forget to check out the Here lies Link Easter Egg next to the level 3 White Magic shop.

    Here Lies Link Easter Egg in Final Fantasy 1.

    Once you’re appropriately leveled and have the necessary weapons, armor, items, and magic, head into Elven Castle. If you haven’t already gleaned from the townspeople, you’ll learn that the Prince has been put to sleep by Astos–for five years. There must be a concoction to wake him up.

    The sleeping Prince in Final Fantasy 1.

    There are no treasures in Elven Castle for now. There’s a room in the northeast that’s locked and needs a Mystic Key to open. Keep it in mind for later.

    For now, it’s time to head to Marsh Cave.

    Matoya’s Cave and the City of Pravoka
    Marsh Cave and the Crown