Matoya's Cave in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Matoya’s Cave and the City of Pravoka

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    Matoya’s Cave

    Now that the bridge is fixed and Cornelia is at peace, you can explore the land north of Cornelia. Before you continue the story in Pravoka, head north to find Matoya’s Cave.

    Matoya's Cave on the World Map of Final Fantasy 1.

    Matoya is a witch so naturally, you’ll find some strange things going on inside the cave—talking brooms, for example (which speak a cryptic message that can be understood when read backward). Walk inside Matoya’s room and she’ll be screaming and bumping into things. You’ll learn that she has lost her glass eye and can’t see anything. More on this later on.

    A talking broom in Matoya's Cave.Matoya the Witch has lost her glass eye.
    For now, rob the blind, helpless witch of all the juicy loot in her cave. To the left of the room are three chests containing an Antidote and two Potions. There’s nothing left to do here for now so go ahead and leave the cave once you’ve gathered all the goods.

    After you leave Mayota’s Cave, head east. As you travel east, you’ll encounter enemies that are a bit tougher than those you’ve faced so far, such as the Gigas Worm, Lizard, and Ogre. Be sure you’re properly leveled, well equipped, and have plenty of healing items in your inventory before making the journey.

    Eventually, you’ll find the city of Pravoka.

    The City of Pravoka on the Final Fantasy 1 World Map

    Be sure to save your game before entering.

    Pummel the Pirates in Pravoka

    When you enter Pravoka, you’ll notice that it’s mostly secluded. Speak with the first citizen of Pravoka you encounter and they’ll plead for help. Continue walking north and speak to the guy with the green mohawk. He’ll tell you the villagers are looting and pillaging the city.

    The pirates are extremely weak, but if you’re near death you may want to rest at the Inn in the northern part of town. The pirates are on par with goblins, so there’s no need to upgrade your equipment or buy new spells in advance for this battle. Approach the pirate crew in the north-western part of town and the battle will begin.

    There’s no real strategy needed to bring down the pirates. There will be nine in total. Just pick them off one at a time, occasionally healing if you need to. The pirates are also weak against Sleep, so if nine pirates are overwhelming, put a few of them to sleep while you take the others out.

    Fighting the pirates in Pravoca.

    After you defeat the pirates, Bikke will offer you his ship in exchange for your forgiveness. Now that you have the ship, you can sail the ocean, but you may want to explore the city of Pravoka before you do.

    Explore the City of Pravoka

    The pirates have been put in their places and the streets are once again safe to roam. You can now speak to the various townspeople wandering the streets, as well as pick up some new supplies from the shops that are again open for business. As always, which items you prioritize largely depends on your party setup. Here are some general purchases you may want to make, though.

    To strengthen your defenses, head over to the armory in the southwestern part of town. The Iron Armor, while a bit pricey, is well worth it. Grab one for your Warrior and equip it. Any party member can equip Leather Gloves, so grab four of those and equip them for each member.

    Next, head over to the weaponry, located in the eastern part of Pravoka. The selection here isn’t great, but you can pick up the Broadsword for your Warrior and the Scimitar for your Thief. Mages will have to wait a while before they get a chance to upgrade their equipment.

    Purchase leather gloves in Pravoka.Buy a Broadsword for the Warrior in Pravoka.
    You can also buy Level 2 magic spells for your mages. The black magic shop is to the right of the weaponry on the eastern side of town. The white magic shop is three buildings north of the black magic shop.

    None of the white magic spells are absolutely necessary. If you have the extra Gil, you may want to pick up Blinda and maybe even NulShock. Definitely grab Blizzard for your black (or red) mage. Each spell will set you back 250 Gil.

    Purchase Level 2 white magic for your white mage.Buy Level 2 black magic for your black mage
    As always, be sure to stock up on healing supplies before setting out on the open seas. The item shop can be found in the southeastern part of town. Once you’re ready, it’s time to set sail toward Elfheim.

    The Kingdom of Cornelia