The entrance to Marsh Cave in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Marsh Cave and the Crown

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    Find the Entrance to Marsh Cave

    Now that you’ve explored Elfheim, you need to recover the Crown for the Prince. You can find this in Marsh Cave, located to the west of Elfheim. From Elfheim, head west and then briefly walk north through the mountain opening. Head west again until you get to the sea. From here, head south. You’ll see an opening in the ground. This is Marsh Cave.

    Marsh Cave in Final Fantasy 1.

    Get the Crown From Marsh Cave

    Enter Marsh Cave. There are bats flying around, but they won’t bother you. There are two directions you can go from the entrance of the cave: North and south.

    If you want to get all of the items in Marsh Cave, head north first. Go as far north as you can and then take the stairs down to B2.

    There are a few smaller rooms within this room. In the souther part of the room, there’s a Potion and 1,120 Gil. To the northwest, you’ll find 1,180 Gil, and to the northeast is a Dagger.

    Now head back up and back to the entrance. Head south now, enter the room, and then take the ladder down to the other part of B2.

    This section also has many smaller rooms in it. The northeastern room is empty, so skip it. From the southwestern part of the room, you’ll find (in each room) a PotionBroadsword, and another Potion.

    When you’ve grabbed these items, enter the room to the right and then exit to the right. From here, take the stairs down to B3.

    The Stairs leading down to B3 in Marsh Cave.

    This next (and final) room is pretty large. The layout is square, and there are 16 rooms within this room. The bottom four require the Mystic Key to enter, so ignore them for now. Here’s what each room holds, starting from the top left and working your way down to the bottom right (excluding the locked rooms).

    Phoenix Down--1,045 Gil
    Copper ArmletCottage and Potion--
    -Chest contains x4 Piscodemons. Defeat them to get the Crown.1,135 GilPotion

    You’ll need to defeat the four Piscodemons to recover the Crown. They are pretty easy to beat. Hit them with Thundara and physical attacks to make easy work of them.

    The Piscodemons in Final Fantasy 1.

    Rest, Recover, Resume

    With the Crown in hand, backtrack and exit Marsh Cave. Now’s a good time to head back to Elfheim and stock up on supplies. However, before going back to see the Prince, you’ll need to take a little detour to the Western Keep.

    Matoya’s Crystal Eye and the Mystic Key