Final Fantasy I: Lufenian and the Chime

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    Learn Lufenian

    The Rosetta Stone you acquired from the Sunken Shrine is the key to learning the Lufenian language. For this to work, you need to bring the Rosetta Stone to a Scholar named Unne in Melmond. Get on your Airship and fly that way.

    Unne is hanging out in the graveyard of Melmond. Speak with him and he’ll thank you by teaching you Lufenian.

    Unne in Melmond.

    Now let’s go put our new skill to use.

    Lufenia and the Chime

    Lufenia is located on the northeastern continent, a bit southeast of the desert. You’ll need to park your Airship a good distance away and walk there.

    Speak to the Lufenians around town to learn more about their ancestry and other useful information. When you speak to one of the Lufenians on the eastern side of town, she’ll give you the Chime, which grants you passage to the Flying Fortress.

    The Chime in Lufenia.

    Head to the northeastern corner, just outside of the main part of town, to find the black magic and white magic shops. They’re a bit hidden and hard to find, but they’re worth the effort since they sell Level 8 Magic. Purchase the Full-Life white magic and the Flare black magic.

    If you need supplies, now’s a good time to stock up, because our next destination, Mirage Tower, is unforgiving.

    Sunken Shrine and the Waterfall Cavern
    Mirage Tower and the Flying Fortress