The Western Keep in Final Fantasy 1.

Final Fantasy I: Matoya’s Crystal Eye and the Mystic Key

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    Get the Crystal Eye

    The Western Keep is located to the northwest of Elfheim, and basically due north of Marsh Cave. Make your way to Western Keep and enter the castle.

    This area has nothing to offer at the moment, so you can go straight to the “king,” who turns out to be Astos, an evil being who intends to steal the Crown from you. Not going to happen.

    Astos can be a bit difficult if you’re under-leveled. Attack Astos with physical attacks and black magic. After a few rounds, you’ll have made easy work of him.

    Your rewards for defeating Astos are 2,000 Gil, 2,250 Exp, and the Crystal Eye.

    Matoya's Crystal Eye in Final Fantasy 1.

    Didn’t we encounter someone earlier on who said their Crystal Eye was stolen? It’s time to head back out to Matoya’s Cave.

    Get the Jolt Tonic to Awaken the Prince

    Make your way to Matoya’s Cave, north of Cornelia. You may want to rest up first if you’re low on health and magic.

    Once you’ve made it to Matoya’s Cave, speak to her to give her the Crystal Eye. She’ll Reward you with the Jolt Tonic, which is exactly what you need to awaken the prince.

    Getting the Jolt Potion in Final Fantasy 1.

    Get the Mystic Key

    Finally, with Jolt Tonic in hand, head back to Elven Castle. Speak to the person standing beside the prince’s bed to give them the Jolt Tonic. The prince will awaken and entrust you with the Mystic Key.

    The Mystic Key in Final Fantasy 1.

    You’ll need the Mystic Key to get an item required to progress the story, but there are also a lot of nice items you can get. It’s time to backtrack.

    Mystic Key Door Locations and the Nitro Powder

    Nitro Powder in Final Fantasy 1.

    If you want to skip the extra items you can get, go straight to Cornelia. This is where you’ll get the Nitro Powder, which is a required item to continue the story. In Cornelia, you’ll also find CottageSaberMythril Knife, Iron Armor, and Tent.

    However, it’s recommended to visit these places as well to get some nice items.

    • Elven Castle: In Elven Castle, you can get Mythril Hammer, 800 Gil, 700 Gil, and Bronze Gloves.
    • Marsh Cave: In Marsh Cave, you can get several items, but the chests are protected by monsters. Each chest is on B3. From the bottom-left to bottom-right corner:
      • This room has a Picodemon in it. If you interact with it, you’ll need to fight x4 Piscodemons. It’s totally up to you if you want to fight them or not. The chest in the room is protected by x6 Anacondas. Defeat them to get the Silver Armlet.
      • The next room’s chest is guarded by x4 Piscodemons. Defeat them to get an Antidote.
      • The next room is empty. The one next to that has a chest that’s guarded by x4 Piscodemons. Defeat them to get 1,020 Gil.
    • Western Keep: You can get a few items here, but each chest is protected by monsters. From left to right:
      • Fight x5 Mummys to get a Power Staff.
      • Fight x6 Wraith to get a Falchion
      • Fight x5 Mummys to get Steel Gloves.
    • Temple of Chaos: You can get the WerebusterGold Needle, and Rune Blade.

    Once you’ve rounded up all of the items and have obtained the necessary Nitro Powder, it’s time to head out to the next section of our quest: Mount Duergar.

    Marsh Cave and the Crown
    Mount Duergar and Melmond