Vivi and Puck clapping at the theater in Alexandria Castle.

Final Fantasy IX: Alexandria Castle

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Alexandria Castle
Items: Phoenix Down (x2), Elixir, Phoenix Pinion
Bosses: Steiner
*Depending on your performance during the swordfight with Blank, you may receive an Ether, Elixir, Silk Shirt, or Moonstone. You will also be rewarded with a varying amount of Gil.

Vivi and Puck have successfully sneaked into the Theater where they will watch Tantalus’ performance of ‘I Want to Be Your Canary.’ Enjoy the brief cutscene and then the play will begin.

Table Of Contents

    I Want to Be Your Canary

    The scene starts and you’ll soon find yourself in a mock battle. This time, the Steal command is replaced with SFX. SFX lets you cast fake, flashy spells for the audience. These spells do 0 damage, so check them out and then switch to attacks. Take out King Leo’s henchman and then go for King Leo himself. The fight is quick and easy.

    The fake fight at the performance.

    Once this fight scene is over, a short swordfight will begin between Zidane and Blank. Follow Blank’s commands during the swordfight by inputting the correct button. The goal is to impress as many nobles as possible, with 100 being the top score. The amount of Gil the nobles shower you with, as well as the reward you get from the Queen a bit later, depends on how many nobles you impressed during this scene. If you manage to impress all 100 nobles, you’ll receive 10,000 Gil.

    • 1-49 nobles were impressed: Ether
    • 50-79 nobles were impressed: Elixir
    • 80-99 nobles were impressed: Silk Shirt
    • 100 nobles were impressed: Moonstone
    Zidane and Blank swordfighting.

    Once the fight scene concludes, Zidane and Blank run off stage.

    The Elusive Princess

    After Zidane and Blank get changed into their newly-acquired guard gear, you’ll have control over Zidane. Before you do anything, it’s advised that you equip the Mage Masher you previously stole from Baku (the Masked Man).

    Continue directly up the stairs and you’ll bump into the Hooded Girl. You can agree to let her pass or examine her face. The choice changes the dialog a bit but that’s it. After the dialog, she’ll run past Zidane and Blank. Zidane, realizing the girl was the Princess, grabs Blank and takes off after her.

    Zidane meeting Garnet for the first time.

    Finding the Knight of Pluto

    The next scene shows the Jesters, Zorn and Thorn, seeking an audience with the Queen. After learning the Princess has run away, the Queen orders Beatrix and Steiner to locate her.

    You’ll now be in control of Steiner, leader of the Knights of Pluto. When he orders everyone to assemble, only two appear–undressed. Besides Steiner, there are 8 knights in total. Here’s the register:

    I. Captain Steiner
    II. Blutzen
    III. Kohel
    IV. Laudo
    V. Dojebon
    VI. Breireicht
    VII. Weimar
    VIII. Haagen
    IX. Mullenkedheim

    Before you start searching for the knights, go back upstairs and speak to Queen Brahne to get your prize based on how many nobles you pleased. After that, the search begins.

    The first two knights, Blutzen and Kohel, are found in the room where you started as Zidane and Blank. Speak to them and then save your game. Don’t forget to check Mognet, as Mosh has a letter for you to read together. Grab the Phoenix Down in the bottom-left corner of the room before leaving.

    Steiner finding the first two Pluto Knights.

    Exit the room and then go north up the hallway. The next knight, Dojebon, is in this room. He is difficult to catch as he runs in the opposite direction of you in the hallway. Wait until he’s more than halfway between the two doors and then cut him to catch him.

    Next, take the door to the right on the top floor to find Mullenkedheim complaining about being hungry.

    Finding Dojebon and Mullenkedheim.

    Exit the room, go downstairs, and then enter the room to the left. You’ll find Laudo here, confessing that he never really wanted to be in the military but, rather, wanted to pen fantasy novels. He’ll ask if he can quit. Your choice doesn’t affect the outcome, so make your choice and carry on.

    Leave the library and then exit south. You’ll now be in the Alexandria Castle Courtyard. Continue towards the foreground until you make it to the dock. Haagen, arguably the most dedicated knight in the group (aside from Steiner, of course), is watching the water. Talk to him and he’ll start searching for the princess immediately.

    Finding Laudo and Haagen.

    Go left to the next area and speak to Weimar, the knight flirting with a female soldier. Go through the doorway and continue straight until you make it to the next area. This is the West Tower. Ascend the spiral stairs and you’ll eventually find Breireicht, the last knight. Speak to him twice and, if you found all of the Knights of Pluto, he’ll reward you with an Elixir.

    Finding Weimar and Breireicht.

    Continue to the top of the stairs and watch the brief cutscene.

    Escaping the Queen’s Clutches

    After you regain control, follow Princess Garnet into the next room. Talk to Ruby and she’ll begin scolding Zidane. During the commotion, Princess Garnet will run downstairs. Follow her. She’ll expose her true intentions of running away. Steiner will then begin beating on the door and Cinna will enter and bring them to a secret hatch that leads to the engine room.

    Zidane Garnet and Cinna going down the escape hatch on the Prima Vista.

    When you regain control, you’ll be directly in front of an engine wheel. Turn it all the way left and then all the way right to make two treasure chests drop down to the lower floor. Open both chests to get a Phoenix Down and Phoenix Pinion.

    Turning the wheel in the engine room to get two treasures.

    Enter the doorway to the left and a battle against Steiner will begin. In fact, you’ll fight him three separate times.

    Boss: Steiner

    Battle 1, 2, and 3

    Level: 1
    HP: 169, 162, 167


    • Leather Hat (Battle 1)
    • Silk Shirt (Battle 1)


    All three battles are straightforward. In the first battle, continue to steal until you’ve acquired both the Leather Hat and Silk Shirt. Afterward, just attack.

    The second battle takes place on stage. Take out the two knights first and then focus all of your attacks on Steiner. You can use Fire with Vivi and Cure with Garnet if your health gets low.

    The third and final battle takes place on the airship. Continue to focus your attacks on Steiner. The Bomb behind him will continue to grow, giving this scene an explosive finish.

    After the battles, you’ll find yourself with a busted airship in the middle of Evil Forest.