Final Fantasy VII Opening Bombing Mission and Sector 8 walkthrough.

Final Fantasy VII: Opening Bombing Mission and Sector 8

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Opening Bombing Mission and Sector 8
Items: Potion (x4), Phoenix Down
Materia: Restore
Bosses: Guard Scorpion

After the opening scene, you assume the role of Cloud Strife, a former member of the elite Shinra organization, SOLDIER. Teamed up with the leader of AVALANCHE, Barret Wallace, and a diverse group of resistance fighters, your objective is to infiltrate and destroy one of Shinra’s Mako Reactors.

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    Opening Bombing Mission and Sector 8 Video Walkthrough

    The Opening Bombing Mission

    After the team knocks out the two guards, grab the two Potions off of them. Continue forward and two guards will attack you. Take them out and continue on to the next area.

    Cloud fighting two guards.

    Speak to the AVALANCHE members near the shut gate. After a brief dialog, you’ll have the opportunity to name the main character, though it’s highly recommended you keep Cloud as the name. Soon after, you’ll have a chance to name Barret. Again, you should keep the name unchanged.

    Continue forward until you get to an area with a closed gate and a pink, blinking light. Speak to Barret and he will officially join your party. Speak to Biggs to open the first gate, and then speak to Jessie to open the second one. Grab the Phoenix Down from the southeastern room and then speak to Jessie again to enter the elevator.

    The Phoenix Down in the southeastern room.

    Enter the elevator and press the button to activate it. There will be a bit of dialog with Barret discussing how the reactors are draining the life out of the planet. Eventually, you’ll make it to the bottom. Exit the elevator.

    Head down the long flights of stairs and enter through the door at the bottom to go to the next area. Hop over the gap and then speak to Jessie. She’ll give you a tip and then head down the ladder. Go down, grab the Potion, and then continue down to the next area.

    A Potion in front of Jessie.

    Walk across the pipes and go down the ladder. You’ll see a Save Point here, so go ahead and save your game.

    Continue down the walkway to the next area. There is a blue orb blocking your path. Pick it up to get the Restore Materia. Next, set the bomb as instructed by Barret. An alarm will sound and you’ll be ambushed by the Guard Scorpion.

    Guard Scorpion

    Level: 12
    HP: 800
    Exp: 100
    AP: 10
    Gil: 100
    Drops: Assault Gun


    Weakness: Lightning, Slow, Stop
    Immune: Poison, Gravity


    Guard Scorpion is a Level 12 mechanical enemy. It’s weak against lightning, so have Cloud cast Bolt as much as possible. Barret should stick to using regular physical attacks, his gunfire proving effective in dealing consistent damage.

    The Guard Scorpion has a predictable pattern of attack. It begins its sequence with Search Scope, a harmless scan to select its next target. Following this, it uses regular attacks, then performs another Search Scope. After the second scan, it raises its tail. Be cautious here.

    During the two turns that the Guard Scorpion’s tail is raised, you should refrain from offensive moves, as it will counter with Tail Laster, a powerful attack that hits all members. Instead, use this time to heal or simply wait. Once the tail is lowered again, the pattern repeats from the beginning.

    Use your Limit Breaks as they become available to deal significant damage to the boss. Maintain your onslaught of Bolt and physical attacks, focusing on survivability when the tail is raised. Keep up with this strategy and the Guard Scorpion will eventually break down.

    After defeating the Guard Scorpion, you’ll have ten minutes to escape the Reactor before the bomb goes off. Head back the way you came, climb up the ladder, and cross the pipes to the next area.

    The timer doesn’t stop when you enter the menu. The only way to pause the timer is by pausing the game when you enter a battle.

    Here, you’ll find Jessie is stuck. Help her free herself and she’ll go on ahead.

    Jessie's leg is stuck.

    Head up the long flight of stairs in the next area and enter the door at the top. Press the button to take the elevator up. You’ll now see the team at a locked door. Speak to Jessie to unlock the first door and then speak to Biggs to unlock the second one.

    Once you leave this area, a cutscene of the reactor exploding will take place.

    Sector 8

    A bit of dialog takes place while Jessie sets a bomb to clear the debris for the team to escape. You’ll then be instructed to split up and rendezvous at the Sector 8 station. Head up the stairs.

    Meet at the Sector 8 station.

    Could meets a Flower girl here, who turns out to be Aerith. Speak with her and you’ll have a choice in how you’d like to respond.

    Dating Scene Choices Introduction: Some of your decisions throughout the game will affect who you go on a date with during the dating scene that occurs later on. This is determined by an invisible “point” system. Here’s how you can date each character:

    • Aerith: Make choices that add points to Aerith.
    • Tifa: Make choices that add points to Tifa.
    • Barret: Make choices that reduce as many points as possible with both Tifa and Aerith.

    Throughout this walkthrough, we’ll highlight the choices and the impact it has.

    Speak with her and you’ll have a choice in how you’d like to respond.

    Dating Scene Choices: Aerith will ask a couple of questions. The answers here don’t directly impact the outcome, but depending on how you answer will determine if you get a flower or not, which will have an impact shortly. To get the flower, answer:

    • Nothing…hey…

    Followed by:

    • Don’t see many flowers around here

    And finally:

    • Buy one

    You’ll now have the flower which will impact the point system later on.

    Once you regain control of Cloud, head to the next area, grab the Potion in the bottom-left corner of the screen, and then continue south to go to the next area.

    Potion in Sector 8.

    You’ll now have the option to engage in several fights with a few guards, or you can avoid them by quickly selecting Later! Regardless of the decision you make, you’ll eventually jump off the bridge onto the train and make a dramatic entrance.

    Cloud's dramatic entrance on the Sector 8 train.

    Follow the team to the front of the train and then speak to Jessie, who will give you a walkthrough of the Midgar Railway System Map.

    Dating Scene Choices: After the Midgar Railway System Map walkthrough, speak to Jessie again. Here’s what each choice does:

    • Thanks anyway (No impact)
    • Looking forward to it (-3 points to Tifa)

    Walk towards Barret to trigger the next scene. The train will arrive at Sector 7, where Barret will instruct everyone to meet at the hideout.

    Tifa's Seventh Heaven and Sector 7 Slums