Barret Wallace

Barret Wallace is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake. The leader of a section of the eco-terrorist group Avalanche, he loathes the Shinra Electric Power Company and seeks to stop them from using mako as a form of energy.

Often standing on the front lines, Barret cares deeply about his cause and his allies. Although part of his reason for fighting is altruistic, he also has a personal vendetta against Shinra which he is forced to eventually come to terms with during the events of the game. Barret has an adopted daughter named Marlene who he cares for deeply.

In both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake, Barret wields a gun-arm that takes the place of his right arm, allowing him to attack from a distance. He is the first party member to join Cloud.

Table Of Contents

    Barret Wallace
    35 (Final Fantasy VII)
    37 (Advent Children)
    38 (Dirge of Cerberus)
    December 15, 1972
    6’6” (197cm)
    Blood Type
    Ultimate Weapon
    Missing Score
    Ultimate Limit Break
    Tetsuya Nomura
    Voice Actors
    Masahiro Kobayashi (Japanese / Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, Final Fantasy VII Remake)
    John Eric Bentley (English / Final Fantasy VII Remake)
    Beau Billingslea (English / Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus)
    Theme Song
    Barret’s Theme – Nobuo Uematsu

    Appearance and Personality

    Barret is very tall and muscular with dark skin. During the violent loss of his hometown of Corel, he lost his right arm, replacing it with a gun arm which can be altered and swapped out at will. He wears protective metal around his waist and has a tattoo of a skull on his left shoulder. He has three scars on his right cheek, which are slightly covered by a thick beard. He wears two dog tags around his neck and a silver hoop earring in his left ear. His hair is black, short, and flat on top.

    In Final Fantasy VII, Barret wears a brown vest, green pants, and oversized brown boots. He also wears a number of metal bands around his wrist on his remaining arm. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, his outfit is largely the same with a few modifications: he now wears sunglasses, cargo-style pants, and a black tank top under his vest. His standard gun-arm looks like a modern machine gun, and he wears a leather bracer with small metal plates on his remaining arm.

    In both Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children, Barret’s hair is styled into cornrows, and his gun-arm is fitted with a steel hand that can transform into a gun. Rather than wearing a brown vest, he wears a puffy white vest with a fishnet shirt beneath it.

    Largely driven by his emotions and his sense of right and wrong, Barret is passionate about stopping Shinra and keeping his teammates safe. He’s known for giving inspiring speeches prior to a mission and constantly tries to be strong for others, keeping many of his true feelings to himself. His hotheadedness gets him into trouble, seen best when he causes a scene on the train and later when he urges the team to attack Shinra’s headquarters head-on.

    Blaming Shinra for society’s troubles, he sees every employee of the company as guilty by association. While his concern for the planet’s future is genuine, he is also driven by his own self-righteousness. His guilt for helping Shinra to move their business to Corel and causing the city’s destruction is obscured by his vendetta.

    Barret cares deeply for his adopted daughter Marlene, though he worries that he isn’t a good father, taking so much of his time to fight rather than being home with her. He continues as a member of Avalanche, however, to give her a better future.

    Barret is particularly close to Tifa, with the two relying on either other for emotional support–he reassures her when she doubts her choices, and she reminds him of the right thing to do when his reckless nature puts him in danger. Though doubtful of Cloud’s loyalties at the beginning of the game, he eventually warms up to him, and the two become close friends. While Barret usually takes time to warm up to people, he immediately became close to Aerith after the girl saves Marlene and reveals her heritage as a Cetra.

    Weapons and Abilities

    Barret’s gun-arm is a powerful ranged weapon, allowing him to deal full damage from the back row. While his default weapon is a Gatling gun, he eventually gains access to missile launchers and other melee weapons like chainsaws and mechanical claws. With extremely high HP and a high Defense stat, Barett is a durable tank for the party.

    WeaponStatsMateria SlotsLocation
    Gatling Gun14 Atk
    0 Mag
    1 UnlinkedStarter Weapon
    Assault Gun17 Atk
    1 Mag
    2 LinkedWall Market, Sector 7 Slums: 350g
    *Can also be dropped by Guard Scorpion in No. 1 Reactor
    Cannon Ball23 Atk
    2 Mag
    2 Linked, 1 UnlinkedKalm, Junon (before Highwind): 950g
    Atomic Scissors32 Atk
    4 Mag
    2 Linked, 2 UnlinkedJunon, Gongaga: 1,400g
    *Can be stolen from Custom Sweeper
    Heavy Vulcan39 Atk
    8 Mag
    4 LinkedCosmo Canyon: 2,700g
    Chainsaw52 Atk
    10 Mag
    4 Linked, 1 UnlinkedWutai: 6,300g
    Microlaser63 Atk
    13 Mag
    4 Linked, 2 UnlinkedIcicle Inn: 12,000g
    A∙M Cannon77 Atk
    16 Mag
    6 LinkedMideel: 18,000g
    W Machine Gun30 Atk
    3 Mag
    3 UnlinkedJunon (after Highwind): 2,000g
    *Can also be found on Mt. Corel or stolen from Death Machine
    Drill Arm37 Atk
    0 Mag
    4 UnlinkedJunon (after Highwind): 3,300g
    *Can also be found in Rocket Town (Cid's house)
    Solid Bazooka61 Atk
    15 Mag
    8 LinkedCosta del Sol (after Highwind): 16,000g
    Rocket Punch62 Atk
    0 Mag
    NoneJunon (after Highwind): 3,200g
    *Can also be found in the Temple of the Ancients (Maze)
    Enemy Launcher35 Atk
    7 Mag
    2 Linked, 3 UnlinkedJunon (after Highwind): 3,300g
    *Can also be found in Mansion (inn the room next to the safe)
    Pile Banger90 Atk
    0 Mag
    6 LinkedFound in Shinra Building (Treasure chest in the shop)
    Max Ray97 Atk
    30 Mag
    6 LinkedFound in Midgar Underground (In area before the subway)
    Missing Score98 Atk
    49 Mag
    8 LinkedFound on Sister Ray stairs in Midgar (in treasure chest--Barret must be in the party)

    Barret’s Limit Breaks are largely physical attacks, with Mindblow being the exception, attacking the enemy’s MP instead of their HP. All Limits that are level 3 and above can hit all targets except for Hammer Blow.

    Limit BreakHow to UnlockEffect
    Big Shot (Level 1)Starter Limit BreakFires a massive fireball for 3 1⁄4 times normal damage against a single enemy.
    Mindblow (Level 1)Use Big Shot 9 timesFires an energy ball at a single enemy, depleting all of the target's MP. (Gravity-elemental attack)
    Grenade Bomb (Level 2)Kill 80 enemiesLaunches a grenade at the enemy. Does 3 3⁄8 times normal damage against a single target, but can also hit multiple targets for less.
    Hammer Blow (Level 2)Use Grenade Bomb 8 timesStrikes a single enemy, causing death. (Does not effect enemies immune to instant death.)
    Satellite Beam (Level 3)Kill 80 enemies after learning Grenade BombFires a beam from the sky to hit all enemies for 2 3⁄16 times normal damage. Always a critical hit.
    Angermax (Level 3)Use Satellite Beam 6 timesFires 18 shots at random enemies for half damage.
    Catastrophe (Level 4)Use the Catastrophe manual after learning Barret's six other Limit BreaksHits 10 times at random enemies for 1 1⁄4 times normal damage.

    Character Design

    Along with Cloud and the early version of Aerith, Barret was designed as one of the first three main characters of Final Fantasy VII. Initially, all three of these characters would have been playable. Tetsuya Nomura had wanted to create his character for a long time, and originally, Barret was designed to have a bowgun on his left hand rather than the gun-arm. His job class was listed as Gunner, though this was scrapped–the Gunner class wouldn’t appear until Final Fantasy X-2.

    During the early stages of production, Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase debated whether Aerith or Barret would die. Eventually, Aerith was chosen, as the developers felt that Barret’s death would be too predictable.

    Barret’s backstory didn’t change too drastically when compared to the final game. Developers struggled with deciding who injured Barret’s arm, but eventually, Heidegger and Reeve were rejected and Scarlet was chosen. Marlene was also originally planned to be Barret’s biological daughter, with his wife Myrna surviving the attack on the city.

    Additionally, Barret would have worn a medallion around his neck rather than his signature dog tags in Final Fantasy VII. This medallion was said to be a gift from Myrna, his deceased wife. Following the initial game’s release, many journalists compared Barret to the actor Ving Rhames, as well as Mr. T.

    Yusuke Naora, a longtime art director and character for Square Enix, redesigned Barret’s outfit for Advent Children, while co-director Takeshi Nozue suggested giving him cornrows in the film.

    Early Life

    Barret was born in Corel, a small coal mining town, in 1972. As a young man, he married Myrna, a woman with an unspecified illness. Initially, Barret sought to cooperate with Shinra on a mako reactor north of the town despite his childhood friend Dyne’s doubts. In 0003, Avalanche occupied Corel, and Barret, unaware of what Avalanche was, helped the Turks to sneak into the mako reactor to reclaim it. To retaliate against the eco-terrorist group, Shinra destroyed the reactor, burning down Corel in the process.

    Barret and Dyne returned to the town as quickly as they could and were shot by Shinra troops. Dyne fell off a cliff in the barrage, but Barret managed to grab his hand. Scarlet shot at their hands, and Dyne seemed to fall to his death, while Barret was left severely injured. After the smoke had cleared, Barret found Dyne’s daughter Marlene. Assuming that the man was dead, he adopted her. Sakaki, an elderly artisan, made Barret a prosthetic for his lost arm that would allow him to attach weapons.

    Learning more about Avalanche, Barret becomes a leader in the organization hoping to get revenge on Shinra. Working with a large number of operatives, Barett’s group eventually split from Avalanche HQ due to disagreements. This led him to form a separate cell headquartered inside Seventh Heaven in the Sector 7 slums. Along with Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and Tifa, he continued to take action against Shinra prior to hiring Cloud as a mercenary during the attack on Mako Reactor 1.

    In Final Fantasy VII

    The original game begins with Barret leading the charge on the attack on Mako Reactor 1 along with Jessie, Biggs, Wedge, and the hired mercenary Cloud Strife. Barret stays extremely close to Cloud at the start of their relationship, unsure of where his loyalties lie, as the former SOLDIER shows little interest in saving the planet, instead questioning his pay.

    Though the attack is successful, Barret tells Cloud to leave once the group returns to the slums, though Tifa steps in and asks him to stay. The mercenary demands 3,000 gil for the next job, infuriating Barret, who argues that he’s saving up for Marlene’s schooling. Settling for 2,000 gil, Barret takes Cloud along for the attack on Mako Reactor 5 with Tifa’s help. After planting the bomb, the group meets President Shinra who proceeds to send a robot after them. Cloud is then separated from the others when the robot explodes.

    Upon returning to the hideout in the slums, Barret sees a strange man who mentions knowing Don Corneo. Tifa leaves to investigate, though Barret tries to stop her, feeling that it was too dangerous. Around this time, Shinra sent the Turks to destroy the Sector 7 pilar, and while Barret, Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie put up a strong fight to stop them, the pillar is destroyed. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret were the only ones to make it to the top.

    Devastated by the loss, Barret finds some consultation after learning that Aerith, a girl Tifa and Cloud had met in the slums, had taken Marlene to safety before the plate fell. Although Aerith had been kidnapped by the Turks, the group finds Marlene safe and sound at the home of Elmyra Gainsborough, Aerith’s adoptive mother. Elmyra confronts Barret, telling him that it wasn’t right to leave his daughter alone. After explaining his role in saving the planet, Barret promises to rescue Aerith, once again leaving Marlene in Elmyra’s care.

    Barret suggests barging through the front door of the Shinra Building after noting how light security seemed, but Tifa strongly disagrees with this idea. Upon finding Aerith being held in a cell by Professor Hojo, Barret frees her using his gun-arm, and soon after, the group meets Red XIII, another of Hojo’s experiments. After the group is cornered by the Turks, they are thrown into cells.

    Awakening the next day, the group finds that their cells have been unlocked and President Shinra has been killed by Sephiroth, who also released the Jenova body from Hojo’s laboratory. Before they could be caught by the new Shinra president, Rufus Shinra, the party escapes on stolen vehicles commandeered from the Shinra exhibition rooms. The group chooses Cloud to serve as party leader, which Barret grudgingly accepts. Splitting into groups to avoid detection, Barret suggests that they regroup in the town of Kalm.

    After reaching the city, Cloud shares Sephiroth’s story, explaining that he was a legendary SOLDIER who defected from Shinra and was thought to be dead. He also shares his own memories of the Nibelheim Incident. Barret constantly interrupts to ask for more details, as Cloud’s stories are inconsistent. While confused by most of the details, Barret nonetheless commits to stopping Sephiroth from reaching the promised land.

    The group continues to track Sephiroth, with Barret disguising himself as a sailor aboard a Shinra cargo ship to spy on Rufus Shinra. Angered by Shinra’s lack of concern over the blood on their hands following the fall of the Sector 7 plate, Barret plans to strike but is interrupted by an emergency alert marking the arrival of Sephiroth.

    In a less heavy moment, after arriving in Costa del Sol, Aerith tells Barret that he looks “cute” in the sailor suit, while Tifa suggests that he wear it as pajamas. While seemingly angry at the comments, Barret returns to the inn to check himself out in the mirror.

    Upon reaching the town of North Corel, Barret is treated terribly by the villagers. Having no choice, Barret shares more about his past with the party, blaming himself for Corel’s destruction and the loss of his wife.

    Riding the ropeway to the Gold Saucer amusement park located high above the ruins of Corel, Aerith fails to cheer Barret up, and the man takes off to be on his own.

    After some time passes, Cloud and the others find a group of people shot at the Battle Square. A survivor tells them that it was the work of a man with a gun-arm. After being thrown into Corel Prison along with the new party member Cait Sith, Barret found them but refused to converse. Upon being pressed, he divulges the rest of his past with Dyne, detailing how Scarlet’s attack had destroyed his arm. Strangely, another man had similarly lost an arm and replaced it with a gun-arm. This turned out to be Dyne, who had survived the fall during the destruction of Corel.

    The party confronts Dyne, the leader of the prison. The culprit behind the Gold Saucer shooting proves to be heavily traumatized by the loss of his family and wants to destroy the world. Barret tells his former friend that his biological daughter, Marlene, was still alive. Rather than reacting with joy, Dyne attacks Barret, explaining that Marlene would need to die in order to keep his wife company in the afterlife.

    Barret wins the fight and Dyne allows the party to leave the prison before jumping off a cliff to his death. Dio, the owner of the Gold Saucer, learns of the event and allows Cloud and the others to leave in a new buggy.

    Still eager to find Sephiroth, Barret is overjoyed to arrive in Cosmo Canyon, remarking that it was the birthplace of Avalanche. Upon revisiting the Gold Saucer, Cait Sith reveals himself to be a Shinra spy. He then blackmails the group to keep him in the party by revealing that he had held Marlene captive.

    During the events at the Temple of the Ancients, Barret urges Cloud not to run away after the mercenary is manipulated by Sephiroth to hand over the Black Materia. Along with Tifa, the two push Cloud to follow Aerith to the City of the Ancients. After Aerith is murdered by Sephiroth, Barret comforts Cloud, still eager to find Sephiroth despite knowing that Cloud was susceptible to falling under his control.

    Despite having very black-and-white feelings about Shinra, Barret comes to a realization when reaching Gaea’s Cliff. Although the untouched mountains were beautiful, he found that he wouldn’t want to live there without changing things for the better.

    Though the party reclaims the Black Materia, Cloud is once again tricked into handing it over, allowing Sephiroth to summon Meteor. Cloud disappears after the exchange. Barret and Tifa escape from the newly-awakened Weapons on the Shinra airship Highwind only to be brought to Junon as captives. A week later, Barret escapes being publicly executed with the help of Yuffie Kisaragi and Cait Sith. Returning to the Highwind to rendezvous with the party, Barret finds that Cloud is still missing. He comforts a traumatized Tifa and agrees to help search for the party’s former leader.

    Cloud is soon discovered in a hospital, delirious from mako poisoning. The group, now led by the pilot Cid Highwind, ventures out to collect Huge Materia from mako reactors to stop Shinra and battle Sephiroth themselves. Barret manages to save North Corel from nearly being destroyed, urging the villagers to stay strong.

    Shinra destroyed Sephiroth’s energy barrier over the North Crater. Despite feeling the urge to return to Marlene, Barret chooses to fight for the planet’s future and descends into the crater with the party to defeat Sephiroth.

    In Final Fantasy VII Remake

    While much of Final Fantasy VII Remake maintains the same overall story as the original game, there were some changes and additions made throughout.

    During the attack on Mako Reactor 1, Barret remains cold towards Cloud. At one point, he attempts to ask Cloud’s age, though Cloud misunderstands and answers with his SOLDIER rank instead. When the pair reach mako storage, they fight Scorpion Sentinel, and despite working well together, they continuously insult each other throughout the fight.

    After the bomb causes more devastation than the group expected, Barret gives an inspiring speech, telling the party that there was no time for regrets. After leaving through the Sector 8 Station, Barret shows some concern for Cloud when the mercenary is late, though he quickly covers up his emotions by yelling. Arguing with Shinra employees on the train, Barret tells them that the bombing was only a warning, prompting Don Corneo’s lackeys to search for a man with a gun-arm. After Barret is reunited with Tifa and his adopted daughter Marlene at Seventh Heaven, he ventured out to collect money to pay Cloud, with Tifa also running errands.

    Bringing the group back together, Barret holds a meeting to discuss his plan to attack Mako Reactor 5. While the party largely accepts Cloud, Barret is still hesitant, refusing to rehire him until the next day when Jessie is injured in an attack on the undercity by the Whispers.

    Barret boards the train headed to the Sector 4 plate along with Tifa and Cloud. Ready to begin the attack, he vows to make it a success for Jessie and Wedge. Understandably worried about Barret after the team splits up, Tifa sends Cloud to check on him. The mercenary intervenes when he finds Barret about to argue with the Shinra Middle Manager.

    After an emergency ID scan locks down the train, Barret helps passengers to escape before leaping from the locomotive. The group then follows Plan E, instructing them to follow paintings of the dog Stamp in the Corkscrew Tunnels. Arriving at Mako Reactor 5, the group plants the bomb, but Heidegger appears via hologram to reveal that the entire event has been broadcast live on television as Shinra propaganda. Marked to be executed by the Airbuster live on air, Barret remains steadfast, promising to “take down Shinra’s big-ass mech in front of everybody.”

    When President Shinra also appears as a hologram, Barret attempts to explain the effects of mako energy, though it has no impact. The president shares his intentions to smear Avalanche as a Wutai proxy group to incite another war. After the Airbuster is destroyed, Barret finally admits that he had been wrong about Cloud as the mercenary hangs on for dear life.

    Barret leads Avalanche in an attempt to protect the Sector 7 pillar after Tifa learns of its planned destruction from Don Corneo. Although Wedge, Jessie, and Biggs fail to make it to the top, Barret, Cloud, and Tifa reach the summit and battle the Turks, Reno and Rude. Ultimately unsuccessful, the party flees via wire.

    Following the collapse of the plate, Barret bursts into tears, certain that Marlene and the other members of Avalanche had been killed. Cloud quickly consoles him, telling the man about Aerith and her promise to keep Marlene safe. Optimism renewed, the group travels to Elmyra’s house, and Barret is reunited with his daughter. While Cloud is desperate to save Aerith after learning that she had been taken, Elmyra and the others speak out against the idea, with Barret suggesting searching the ruins of Sector 7 instead.

    Cloud, Tifa, and Barret rescue an unconscious Wedge after being led to him by one of his many cats. Barret then falls through the ground into the Shinra Underground Testing Site, later reuniting with Tifa and Cloud after fighting against a number of monsters. The group manages to spot a number of human test subjects before the Whispers expel them from the site. Troubled by what they had witnessed, the party seeks to rescue Aerith with renewed gusto.

    Leslie Kyle, one of Don Corneo’s former lackeys, meets the group in Wall Market and offers to sneak them into the Shinra Building in exchange for accompanying him through the Sewer System to get revenge on his former boss. While Barret didn’t trust him at first, he begins to respect Leslie after hearing his story and agrees. Failing to apprehend Corneo, the group does manage to chase him away. Around this time, Barret finally admits to respecting Cloud after seeing what he was like beneath his stony exterior.

    Eager to charge Shinra Headquarters head-on, Barret is dissuaded by Cloud. The group sneaks in with the help of Mayor Domino, though they are initially unaware of this fact. When the truth comes to light, Barret is shocked to learn that the man is an Avalanche supporter.

    Upon finding Professor Hojo, Barret holds the scientist at gunpoint to free Aerith. However, Hojo escapes by unleashing Specimen H0512. Upon its defeat, Aerith is freed along with Red XIII, who quickly joins the group. After being possessed for a short time, Cloud falls unconscious. Aerith takes him and the rest of the group to her childhood home in Hojo’s lab. Barret quickly bonds with Aerith, respecting her heritage.

    Wedge and Mayor Domino secure the group’s escape route via helicopter. While on their way, the party falls into the Drum, Hojo’s secret lab, where they discover Jenova’s body missing with a trail leading to President Shinra’s office. There, they find him hanging from the roof. Shinra offers Barret anything he wants, desperate to be saved. Although Barret intends to simply throw the president from the roof, Tifa and Aerith stop him. Instead, he demands that the president reveal that it was Shinra who destroyed Sector 7, clearing Avalanche’s name.

    President Shinra grabs a gun, pointing it at Barret and mocking him before being impaled by Sephiroth. Barret is also impaled but is saved by the Whispers.

    Cloud tells Barret to take Aerith and the others to safety when they are attacked by Rufus Shinra. In the lobby, Heidegger appears, but Barret refuses to back down. Cloud and Tifa rescue him, along with Red XIII and Aerith, before escaping on the Midgar Expressway. Barret helps to fight off the Whispers as Sephiroth opens the singularity, and at the game’s end, he promises to help the group in their battle against Sephiroth, deeming him an enemy of the planet.

    Post-Final Fantasy VII

    In Episode: Tifa found in the short story collection Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, Barret returns to the many locations seen in Final Fantasy VII along with Cloud and Tifa. Reuniting with Marlene in Kalm, the group ventures to the ruins of Midgar where the new city Edge had been constructed. Barret suggests that Tifa open a new bar, to which she agrees, eager to overcome her emotional trauma. Following this, Barret left the city on a quest to settle his difficult past.

    His quest is detailed in Episode: Barret, as he begins to search the world for a new energy source to replace mako. Desperate to find peace of mind and to atone for the deaths of Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge, Barret also struggles to adapt to a world without Shinra after spending so much of his life seeking revenge. Returning to Sakaki, he commissions a mechanical hand, enabling him to live a normal life.

    Traveling to Rocket Town, Barret meets with Cid and the crew of his new airship, the Shera. Being made aware of the spread of the Geostigma virus during his travels, Barret reconsiders his stance on mako energy, seeing it as a potential cure. However, Cid claims that the lifestream had been shifted away from the old reactors and that tapping into it would be nearly impossible. Instead, the pilot shows Barret oil, something he had recently discovered.

    Being able to help people has a dramatic effect on Barret, who aims to use the airship to help those infected and spread oil as a new energy source. Upon traveling to pick up his mechanical hand from Sakaki, Barret tells the old man to keep it, as he would need his strength to help rebuild the world.

    In Dirge of Cerberus, Barret, along with Cloud and Tifa, led a ground assault on Midgar against Deepground. Along with Reeve, Yuffie, Cid, and the defected Shelke, the group helped Vincent to destroy Omega.

    In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Following the events of Meteorfall, Barret keeps in contact with members of the party and can be heard leaving a message on Cloud’s cell phone in regard to the large oil field he had found. During the battle against Bahamut SIN, Barret uses his improved gun arm to fight, and upon seeing Tifa again, he commands that Marlene better be safe.

    After Bahamut SIN falls, Barret watches Cloud fight Kadaj from aboard Cid’s airship, the Shera. Despite wanting to help, Cid refuses to land, telling Barret that he can jump if he wants to fight.

    Appearances in Other Final Fantasy Titles

    Barret appears in the following Final Fantasy titles:

    • Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia
    • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call
    • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival
    • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Final Bar Line
    • Final Fantasy VII G-Bike (Support character)
    • Pictlogica Final Fantasy
    • Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade (summonable Legend)
    • Final Fantasy Record Keeper
    • Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (summonable Legend)
    • War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (summonable Legend)

    He appears in the following games in card form:

    • Final Fantasy Artniks
    • Final Fantasy Trading Card Game
    • Triple Triad

    In Crisis Core, a soldier found in Shinra Headquarters talks about troubles in Corel. During the conversation, he mentions someone named “Mangnum or Bullet,” an allusion to Barret.

    When talking to Cloud after selecting the “Dismiss” option from the party menu in Final Fantasy Tactics, he’ll say “There’s no getting off this train until we reach the station.” This is one of Barret’s lines in Final Fantasy VII.

    Barret also appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit. His outfit is also available for the Mii Gunner as DLC.

    Miscellaneous Trivia

    • Barret’s name is a Japanese transliteration of the word ‘bullet.’ Before Final Fantasy VII was localized, Barret was listed as “Bullet” in several early articles.
    • Keeping with the game’s ties to Jewish mysticism, Barret is tied to gevurah, which is associated with the traits of strength and judgment.
    • Barret ranked #5 in a Japanese Final Fantasy VII Remake poll, coming in behind Jessie.