Virgin Forest Grandia.

Grandia: Virgin Forest

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Virgin Forest
Save Points: Sea Dragon, Virgin Frst (1) (Guido), Virgin Frst (3)
Stashing Places: Sea Dragon
Gold: 190, 190, 570, 190, 190, 190, 190, 570, 190, 190, 190, 190, 190, 190, 190, 190, 190, 570
Items: Slouch Weed, Thor’s Fury, Torte’s Whistle, Health Weed, Seed of Running, Resurrect Potion, Golden Potion, Seed of Magic
Equipment: Water Charm, Leaf Shield
Enemies: Chameleon, Huge Pupa, Land Slug, Sweet Moth
Bosses: Trent, Flower, Arm
Try to get some Swallowtail Hats from the Sweet Moths here. They’re definitely better than what you have, and anything to keep you from getting your party confused is worth it. (Justin hacked down Feena with two Axe strikes in my game…)

You can buy them in the next town for 2500G if you don’t want to spend the time grinding for them.

Once you regain control, head east-northeast into the forest from the Sea Dragon. Watch out for the big tree that’s smashing its way onto the path in front of you, then grab the Slouch Weed that’s at that dead-end.

Go back toward the Sea Dragon, then head all the way north along the beach. Before you reach the rocks, head east into this part of the forest. At the fork, go northeast and east to find a Thor’s Fury behind a bush, then venture south and southeast from it to find 190G.

Thor's Fury in Virgin Forest Grandia.

Return to the fork and head southeast, watching out for the barrage of deadly plants that will attack you if you get near them. You’ll eventually come to a giant flower with four petals that will shoot you different places if you stand in the middle of it. For your sake, please avoid them and the confusion.

Head south past it to a DungeonScope Icon. Use it, and you should see something to the southeast, so head southeast and grab the Torte’s Whistle.

Torte's Whistle in Virgin Forest Grandia.

Use the Icon again, and you’ll also see some money to your west. Run northwest, then through the bush and southeast to find 190G. Head west from it as the path turns southwest to a fork. Go west if you want to go back to the beach and the Sea Dragon to recover, but otherwise, run south, then east.

Afterward, go southeast and east through the plants to eventually come to 570G. Go back through the bush and head north past the trap, then walk northeast a bit to be back at the huge flowers.

Follow the eastern wall of trees as it goes north, and after the path turns east, look for 190G along the north side to the northeast under what looks like a giant tomato. Move southeast to another bush, then go southeast, southwest, and south to another 190G at the dead-end.

Return to the bush and head west while looking out for another big smashing tree, then go south and grab the 190G there.

Continue south past the traps to a colorful tent, where you’ll have a dinner event. Inside, you’ll be able to ask some questions, so choose each one in any order.

Dinner Event in Virgin Forest Grandia.

The next morning, you’ll pay 100G for staying the night (rats…) before you regain control. Save if you need to. You can also come back and talk to him to recover, but he’ll charge you 10G to do so. In any case, head south and east from the tent to reach the second area of the Virgin Forest.

Head northeast and follow the path for a while until you reach a fork. Go northwest under the bush to another open area/fork. Run all the way north past all of the traps, then look northeast for a Health Weed.

Go back to the last fork and head east past a purple flower and another big smashing tree that flies down. At the fork with the deadly tree, head north to find 190G, then go back and make your way back to the open area by going west past the previous purple flower, then back south and southeast to the open area.

Head east until you reach a lake. Use the Action Icon to hop along the lily pads to the other side. Move northeast and follow the path, grabbing the 570G along the way, then continue south some more to another 190G.

Continue south and get the Water Charm in the corner here, then go back and turn west when you can, just a few steps. Grab the Seed of Running to your north, then go back and head southwest to a river.

Seed of Running in Virgin Forest Grandia.

Use the Action Icon to jump over it, then move southwest and northwest to a Resurrect Potion, then start hopping lily pads again. On the other side, ignore the bush and make your way north and northeast to 190G, then continue east and north to another fork. Head west under the bush and grab another 190G.

Head back and travel east and southeast to find a little kid. After a quick bit of dialogue, head southeast and east to the third section of the Virgin Forest. Move forward to trigger some more dialogue.

Eventually, you’ll regain control, but before helping out in the next boss battle, go northwest and grab 190G, then south-southwest to another 190G, then east and grab the third and final 190G here. Head east-northeast from it to find a Save Point.

Save and recover, then go east and help chop some wood!

Trent Boss fight in Virgin Forest Grandia.

Trent (with Flower and Arm)

EXP: 4000
Gold: 6500

Rapp should be pretty close to up to par with you, minus magic. He only has Burn! and Burnflame, but his moves make up for it. Have him use his Sidethrow ability twice, then have him use Burnflame on the Trent himself.

Justin will be much more useful as a spell caster here. Have him use Zap All and Zap! to help deal extra damage to the limbs to get rid of them quickly. When it’s down to just the Trent, have him use Lotus Cut to maximize damage.

The boss can hit you pretty hard on occasion, so start Feena with Fire Whip on the Trent, followed by Burnflare and Burnflame, but be sure to have her use Alhealer if your party’s HP falls below 80.

Its worst attack — Flower Beam — can hit multiple people in a direct line for almost 60 in one shot, so try to cancel it if it comes up.

  • Single attack: The Trent itself will attack one person with a branch for minor damage.
  • Arm attack: The Arm, which is apparently stronger than the tree itself, will nail a range of party members for minor to medium damage.
  • Flower Beam: A direct-line beam attack from the Flower that hits for medium to major damage. Depending on your positioning, it can miss completely.
  • Sleep Gas: The Trent will emit a gas that can put your entire party to sleep. Try to cancel it so you aren’t pummeled while defenseless.

Rapp has officially joined your party!

Rapp comes equipped with the following by default: Cafu Shuriken, Spy Clothes, Ninja Sandals, Alligator Gauntlet, Headgear, and the Black Belt. He also has a Red Medicine, Chocolate Cookies, Honey, and a Vaccine in his inventory.

Seeing as how he has a high Throw level as it is, it’s pretty much the only one you can/should boost now with Sue’s EXP. Mine gave Rapp +5 levels.

Head back northwest and recover if you need to, then run southeast and east to the fourth area. Move east to a fork, then go north and northwest into an open area where you’ll find a Golden Potion.

Golden Potion in Virgin Forest Grandia.

Take your time here to catch some Chameleons. They give you EXCELLENT gold if you can catch and beat them! They are pretty tough though, so you may have to use everything you have on them. You can always go back to section 3 of the Forest and use the save point to recover, so you’ll be okay. They are also good for leveling up weapons and magic!

Return to the fork and head southeast and east to an open area. The center of this southern area has 190G, so grab it, then turn around and head north all the way to come across 190G south-southeast of a DungeonScope Icon. From the Icon, go northwest past the bush to some more Chameleons and a Seed of Magic in that area.

Go back to the Icon, and head directly east, all the way to 190G. Head back to the Icon and go southeast to the first giant flower here, but DON’T get on it. Instead, move east from the flower and you’ll find 570G.

Go back west a little, then go south to the second giant flower, again, NOT getting on it. From it, head all the way east until you have to turn south to find a Leaf Shield.

Leaf Shield in Virgin Forest Grandia.

Go back north and west to the second flower (don’t get on it as usual), then go back northwest to the first flower. Go all the way east from here to a fork where the tree is smashing and thrashing around. Head southeast and east from there to finally leave the Virgin Forest.

Now, to Cafu Village!