West Misty Forest in Grandia.

Grandia: West Misty Forest

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West Misty Forest
Save Points: West Misty
Gold: 90G, 90G, 90G, 90G, 270G, 90G, 90G
Items: Weak-Knee Weed, Baobab Fruit
Enemies: Birdrake, Ent, Grim Haze, Mist Guard
The Big Hatchet should still be in Justin’s possession, as you’ll still have Ents (and Mist Guards, a stronger version of them) to take down. Not to worry. Everyone’s magic should be quite a bit stronger than before as well, so if you did get rid of it, magic will have to suffice. (You can get a new axe soon enough anyway, and it’s even better!)

Take a few steps north and watch as the mist is cleared in front of your eyes! When you regain control, use the Save Point to the north and west, then grab the 90G to the northeast. Walk east from here, turning north and northeast to find 90G along the way.

Turn around and head back to the Save Point, then head directly west-northwest from the DungeonScope Icon. The path eventually turns northwest and north to a dead-end, where you’ll find a Weak-Knee Weed.

Weak-knee Weed in West Misty Forest Grandia.

Return to the Save Point again and head northwest a few steps, then northeast up to another DungeonScope Icon. Walk northeast to an open area, then head northwest and west to a fork. There is 90G to your southwest as the path turns north.

Head back east to the open area, then continue east some more, following the path to a three-way fork. Grab the Baobab Fruit to the north, then walk northwest to a somewhat open area. Go northeast, and as the path turns north, look for a small clearing to the east with 90G.

Move back south a few steps, then turn west, continuing further west until you come across 270G as the path turns north. At this fork, continue west and follow the path to a river to your north, where you’ll see 90G lying on a stone in the middle of it.

Cross the river and move northwest, then east when you can. Keep following the path east as it moves along the river. As the path turns north, grab the last 90G here. With that in hand, take one or two steps forward to enter Luc Village.