All 6 Hollow Knight endings.

Hollow Knight: How to Get Every Ending

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Hollow Knight has a total of 6 endings, which means you aren’t necessarily done with the game yet after beating it for the first time. Here are all 6 endings you can unlock in Hollow Knight and their requirements.

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    The 6 Hollow Knight Endings

    After you beat the game for the first time, you can reload your save file and it will send you back to the last bench you rested at prior to defeating the Hollow Knight. This gives you the opportunity to explore the game even more and unlock the rest of its endings.

    The Hollow Knight

    A cutscene of Hollow Knight's first ending.

    This is Hollow Knight’s first ending and the one most players unlock first. To unlock this ending, you must simply play the game as is. Defeat the three Dreamers, then head to the Temple of the Black Egg and defeat the Hollow Knight there. The Knight will then absorb the Infection, sealing him inside the Black Egg, virtually taking the Hollow Knight’s place.

    Sealed Siblings

    Hornet's mask branded on the Black Egg Temple's door.

    This is one of the endings that requires you to first acquire the Void Heart charm. Once acquired and fighting the Hollow Knight again, Hornet will join the fight and stab her Needle into the Hollow Knight’s mask. This then gives you the opening to continue attacking him. Hollow Knight will then break free, sending Hornet unconscious, and the boss fight will continue as usual.

    After the Hollow Knight is defeated and the infection is absorbed, a similar cutscene from the first ending will play out. Only this time, Hornet is inside the Temple with you. Hornet’s mask will appear on the door once it is re-sealed.

    Dream No More

    Void Siblings looking up from the Abyss.

    This ending has the same requirements as the second ending. However, when Hornet jumps in to give you an opening, instead of continuously attacking Hollow Knight, you must then use your Dream Nail on him. This will send you to his Dream World where you’ll fight The Radiance.

    Once this boss is defeated, the infection is eradicated, the Knight’s mask is left on the ground shattered, and the Void Siblings in the Abyss descend onto the ground, presumably back to the Birthplace.

    Embrace the Void

    Hornet facing the Hollow Knight.

    This ending requires you to complete the Godmaster Content and complete the Pantheon of the Hallownest. This Pantheon requires you to defeat a stronger variant of every single boss in Hollow Knight, totaling 42 bosses, in succession. At the end of this pantheon is the Absolute Radiance. You’ll unlock this ending once the Absolute Radiance is defeated.

    During this ending, Void is seen raining down on Godhome. The Godseeker in the Junk Pits is then seen leaking Void. In the Temple of the Black Egg, Hornet is seen standing outside while a figure, presumably the Hollow Knight, exits the temple.

    Delicate Flower

    The Godseeker holding the Delicate Flower.

    This ending still requires you to complete the Pantheon of the Hallownest. Only this time, you must first gift the Delicate Flower to the Godseeker in the Junk Pits.

    A similar scene then plays out, but this time, the Delicate Flower repels the Void from leaking out of the Godseeker. Both the Godseeker and the Void disappear after the flower emits a white flash, leaving only it laying on the ground.

    The scene in the Temple of the Black Egg remains the same.

    Passage of the Age

    Mister Mushroom flying through the air.

    This ending is more of an extra secret ending that gets added at the end of the credits once the requirement is met.

    To get the Passage of the Age ending, you must meet Mister Mushroom a total of 8 times in the correct order. Once this requirement is met, the Passage of the Age ending will play out after you beat the game.